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Even if music isn’t normally that important to you, it is easy to underestimate how it can affect the mood and atmosphere of a wedding. There are so many options for when and what music to fit into the proceedings it can often seem a minefield.

The Wedding Ceremony

A Church Wedding

Traditionally a church wedding comes with an organist. Organ music and indeed churches might not be your thing, but a lot of people still choose to get married in church. In such situations the organist will normally advise on what music you might like.

However you are not necessarily restricted to just organ music. The church might have a choir for example, but what about something else?

JAM Duo have often taken part in church weddings – we can either play something for you during the signing of the register or indeed sometimes we are given a ‘solo’ spot perhaps after a reading. This means we can play your favourite song. Even in church this can be quite intimate as we will usually play to the wedding couple, almost like a private performance.

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Civil Ceremony

If you are having a civil ceremony in a registry office or similar location, then by default music might be either via an audio system, or most commonly not even an option.

Music makes such a difference to a ceremony. From the moment your guests start to arrive, rather than sitting in a quiet room, why not have them enjoy the gorgeous sound of JAM Duo performing a selection of classical or contemporary music to suit the occasion.

Then as the bride enters we will often play your favourite song. This might be Pachelbel’s Canon, or Perfect by Ed Sheeran. No matter what your taste in music, performed on the cello, your favourite song will add a whole new dimension to this part of the ceremony.

As with Church weddings we can also perform during the ceremony and most typically during the signing of the register.

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The Wedding Reception

Before your wedding breakfast most couples will have a drinks reception at their venue. This is a good way of giving you a bit of space between the ceremony and the meal and often a time when photographs are taken. And it gives your guests a chance to relax for a bit and chat before the more formal dinner with speeches etc.

This is where music can make a big difference. You don’t want anything too loud or intrusive at this point, just some nice quiet background music.

JAM Duo are the perfect solution to music at your wedding reception. We perform usually without amplification and can play a wide range of repertoire from classical through to contemporary modern day pop songs.

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