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As well as performing at a lot of weddings all over the UK, JAM Duo are very popular for parties. Whether you are having a birthday party in your garden, or a big anniversary celebration, JAM Duo can add a touch of class to your event.

Musicians for Parties, Birthdays and Anniversaries

Getting the music right for your party or event is for many one of the most important decisions. The right sort of music can really make a difference to your event. You might be looking for chilled background music, something a bit more upbeat or some musicians to add ambience to the occasion.

JAM Duo are a Cello and Piano Duo. We have performed at parties all over the UK in a whole variety of settings, from 80th birthdays to silver wedding anniversaries as well as corporate events and product launches.

Tell me more…

JAM Duo will come to your event anywhere in the UK. Whether it’s in your private home, a garden, a local community centre or perhaps a more formal setting. We are entirely self sufficient and bring our own instruments. Where possible it is helpful if we have access to a power supply for our Yamaha Digital piano. However, we have a silent generator for situations where there is no access to an AC supply.

Can you play outside?

Yes we can play outside in a garden or woodland setting for example. If it is a scenario where there is not going to be easy access to electricity please let us know so we can plan and bring our silent generator. We can also play in a marquee or similar situation.

The only element we cannot deal with is inclement weather. Any performance outside is subject to the weather being kind at your event. However, we do rather assume that in the event it is pouring with rain or snowing, then the chances are your guests won’t be outside either.

To find out more please get in touch via our contact form. We look forward to performing at your party.

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