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Today we were down in the New Forest for the beautiful wedding of Kirsty and Kyran at Elmers Court Hotel. Or perhaps more correctly stated as per the sign, Kirsty’s Wedding featuring Kyran. Interestingly we learnt this week that some registrars are so jobsworth they refuse to conduct ceremonies with such signs as they claim is sounds like the groom is not there of his own free will. Personally we thought it was humorous and made us chuckle when we arrived!

Kirsty and Kyran
Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel, Hampshire
Thursday 14 March 2024
Ceremony, Drinks and Meal.

On arrival we were directed to the ceremony room where our instructions were to set up at the back. This we duly did finding a convenient space and working around the lady who was decorating the room with petals and the stunning white carpet.

Once we had set up and tested everything we had 45 minutes or so to spare and so went off for a walk in the hotel grounds to have a look at the harbour visible from the end of the lawns at the rear of the hotel.

When we returned still with plenty of time to spare we then learnt that because the sun was now shining it was proposed to hold the ceremony outdoors. No problem there was still enough time to shift all our kit out onto the terrace area where the ceremony was being held.

Once outside the guests were gathered and we started to play a set list chosen by Kirsty and Kyran for the pre ceremony.

Pre Ceremony

  1. All my life
  2. Can’t take my eyes off of you
  3. Here comes the sun
  4. Sweet disposition
  5. I don’t want to miss a thing

Bridal Entrance
Can’t help falling in love with you

Can you feel the love tonight
I’ll stand by you

Accidentally in love

After the ceremony we moved indoors again as just towards the end, the rain had returned and some of the guests got a little wet during the confetti shot!!

To make sure we provided as much music as possible during the reception we set up in the corner of the meal room. Normally meal rooms are sealed off until the meal but we found out from Kim the really helpful planner at Elmers Court that in fact the meal room was open. Conveniently it opened onto the terrace outside and also the bar so it made sense that we should play from there to provide music both indoors and outdoors.

This plan also meant we didn’t have to move again to set up for the meal which meant essentially the music could continue without a break from 12.30 until 16.00. Yes, most musician make endless fuss about the concept of a 15 minute break per hour. Quite frankly we can’t be doing with all that nonsense so we just keep playing!

We really enjoyed being a part of Kirsty and Kyran’s wedding and we wish them every happiness as they embark on their married future together.

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