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Asian weddings are among the most spectacular displays of love and commitment, and getting the musical element right is key. 

JAM Duo are a Piano and Cello Duo with considerable experience of playing Bollywood Music for Asian Weddings in the UK. Combining a Yamaha Electric Cello with a Nord Stage Piano our iconic sound is ideally suited to Bollywood Music.

JAM Duo have a repertoire of over 2000 Bollywood songs which we play at Asian Weddings . We are constantly recording new tracks and so more Bollywood songs will be added to our listen page shortly.

Hindi film music, commonly referred to as ‘Bollywood music,’ is one of the most popular forms of music in the world today.

The Indian film industry produces up to 2,000 movies each year—more than double that of Hollywood. Bollywood is the Hindi-language film industry in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India.

Bollywood music is derived from song-and-dance routines in Hindi films. Due to their enduring popular appeal and cultural impact, Bollywood songs and dances are a characteristic motif of Hindi cinema.

  1. It’s life- Niraj Chag Sang by the London-based musician, Niraj Chag, this Indian wedding song is meaningful yet appealing. It is also unconventional with a crisp traditional twist that reaches the soul. Get your tissues and handkerchiefs as the bride walks down the aisle because there won’t be any dry eyes among the audience.
  2. Deewani Mastani by Shreya Ghoshal Deewani by Shreya Ghoshal is a perfectly revised version of Bajirao Mastani’s hit single. While both renditions are exceptional, Shreya’s version is more romantic and exudes the unconventional nature of love. The best application of this song is at a nature-inspired or romantic-themed wedding.
  3. Mere Humsafar from All is Well We all know of the 2015 classic Mere Humsafar from All is Well. However, Indian wedding songs in 2016 were nowhere without the modern version of this evergreen beat. There are neither similarities nor replication, but the flavor and essence remain the same. If you want to bring the best out of your bridesmaids and flower girls, this is their song.
  4. Din Shagna Da : Phillauri The bride says that it is her day of marriage and she’s ready to celebrate. She found her love and sweetheart so there’s plenty to be excited about. The best part of this soulful and slow-burn song is the parade of sonorous voices. From Dijit Dosanjh to Anushka Sharma, Din Shagna Da by Jasleen Royal is the perfect song to walk down the aisle.
  5. Laal Ishq: Ram Leela A bride is the belle of the ball and sight for sore eyes on her big day. So she deserves all the attention while walking down the aisle. This unconventional and subtle song draws in the crowd, sets the scene, and puts all eyes on the bride as she takes her steps.

Jules and Anne-Marie have provided music for countless Asian weddings across the UK and are familiar with popular venues such as the Oshwal Centre in Potters Bar, Hillingdon House in Uxbridge and the Marigold Hotel in Birmingham to name but a few.

To find out more or to book JAM Duo to provide music at your Asian Wedding then please get in touch.

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