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If you have chosen JAM Duo to provide music for your wedding day then thank you. We genuinely appreciate each and every booking and are very conscious of just how special your wedding day is and how much it means to you.

To help you plan for our inclusion at your wedding day we have set out below a few short notes for each part of the day which we hope is useful.

Arrival and Setup

Generally we will aim to arrive around 1 hour before the start of your wedding ceremony. This gives us plenty of time to set up in your ceremony room so that we are ready to play music from around 15-20 minutes before the ceremony as your guests are seated.

It is helpful if we have a contact at the venue on the day who knows where you would like us to set up in the ceremony room. We do not need a power supply.

Your Wedding Ceremony

In the case of civil ceremonies the Groom interviews are usually held in the ceremony room around 30 minutes before the ceremony. We will aim to have set up ahead of this and will then return to start playing music once this is concluded and as your guests are seated.

Music then continues throughout the ceremony – you can read more about this here.

Relocating for the Drinks Reception – same venue

It usually takes us around 10-15 minutes (depending on the distances involved) to relocate and be ready to play during your drinks reception. Generally by the time you have finished the confetti shots we will be ready to play.

Again if you can advise us in advance where you would like us to set up for the drinks reception (eg Inside under the stairs, or Outside on the patio weather permitting) that is a great help.

Relocating for the Drinks Reception – different venue

If your reception is at a different venue to the ceremony (eg Church Wedding) then we are quite happy to drive between venues, subject to a small additional fee, and will do our best to get there and set up ahead of your guests and your arrival. If you are having confetti shots at the ceremony venue this usually gives us just enough time.

If we are playing for your meal then the relocation times will usually be the same – generally speaking most couples will have the meal at the same venue as the drinks reception. Do please let us know if you have alternative plans. We usually move to the meal room around 10 minutes or so before the guests are due to be called for the meal.

Timings and Duration of Performance

Ceremony – We will always play for the duration of your ceremony. However, do please be aware that If the bride is more than 30 minutes late arriving then we reserve the right to make an additional charge, particularly where you have only booked us for Option 1 – Ceremony only.

For performances during your wedding drinks reception we aim to play for the duration up to a maximum of 90 minutes. We will usually perform without a break so you get continuous music during this time.

Similarly for your wedding breakfast we will perform from the point the bride and groom enter for the meal through to the point dessert is served up to a maximum of 90 minutes. The reason for stopping once desert is served is that in the majority of cases speeches will then follow and we do not wish to be packing away during this moment.


The above is a guide based on the majority of weddings we have played at. That said we realise that a lot of weddings will have bespoke elements and we will always aim to be flexible to fit in with your plans.

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