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JAM Duo are constantly looking at ways to improve their offering for both our wedding and corporate clients. New for 2022 is our fabulous Yamaha Electric Cello.

When we originally set up JAM Duo it was with a beautiful traditional cello with piano accompaniment. We have always carried our Yamaha Digital piano simply for portability purposes although where possible we will perform with an acoustic piano (upright or grand) if available at the venue.

There is very little to rival the sound of an acoustic cello with its lovely sonorous and romantic tones. This is partly why it is absolutely ideal for your wedding day or stylish corporate event / party. The cello has a similar range to the human voice and can play pretty much anything!

Why the Electric Cello?

JAM Duo are playing for an increasing number of larger scale corporate events and weddings with 100 or more guests. In such situations the acoustic cello and our digital piano with onboard speakers is not always enough.

We also play outside a lot at weddings which aside of the other complications this brings means the sound can disappear very quickly.

With this in mind, as well as wanting to play for more evening events with a more upbeat vibe, we took the decision at the end of 2021 to invest in a Yamaha Electric Cello. We wanted something which would have the same beautiful sound as our traditional cello but which could be amplified to work in larger spaces and outdoors without compromising on the quality of sound.

Electric Cello
Anne-Marie with her Electric Cello

Yamaha Electric Cello

Having done much research we decided the only viable option was essentially the best instrument on the market. There is a reason why any professional cellist who has embarked into this area goes with the Yamaha Cello. We tried a number of alternatives and, in some cases, they were almost unplayable!

We settled on the Yamaha SVP110 as it retains the traditional outline shape of the cello which we felt was important. Most important of all however was the tone of the instrument. The sound of our duo and indeed the sound of the cello is a key part of our ‘product offering’ to brides who want something special at their wedding.

JAM Duo Electric Cello
Jules and Anne-Marie at a Corporate event in Somerset

As we take on more events with our electric cello we will publish more pictures both on our website and on our instagram and facebook pages.

So far the electric cello is proving very popular and sounding absolutely great. Below is a playlist with some tracks we have recorded using the electric cello.

If you would like to find out more about our electric cello or book JAM Duo for your wedding or event then please do get in touch via our contact form.

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