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When it comes to your wedding drinks reception, you would be forgiven for thinking that music might not be the first thing on people’s minds. The ceremony has just ended, the bride and groom are now husband and wife and everyone has just stood in line for the confetti shot.

Bride and Groom
The bride and groom

At this point everyone heads to the bar. This might be a tray of Champagne set out on the terrace of glasses of pimms waiting on a long bar. Whatever your plan for the drinks reception the question remains, other than the drink what else do you need.

Well the answer is of course not a lot. This is the part of the day where the bride and groom will be taken away by the photographer so they can be photographed and video’d in the grounds of whichever venue has been chosen for your special day.

Wedding Photo
Tom and Kay

So what happens to the wedding guests at this point? Well mostly they stand around chatting and drinking. Sometimes there are garden games to engage in – we have even been to weddings where there was a tug of war!

Wedding Musicians

This is where musicians come in. Yes of course, you could just put on a spotify play list but musicians are as much a visual thing as audible. Having musicians can really create an ambience for your wedding drinks reception. No matter what your taste there will be something for everyone. Whether you want a singer to perform your favourite songs, a harpist or string quartet or something a little different, when it comes to choice the possibilities are endless.

JAM Duo are a Cello and Piano Duo who can provide music for your entire day from Ceremony through to first dance and even into the evening on occasion. Our Duo is particularly well suited for your wedding drinks reception. Using our own instruments – we have a fabulous Yamaha Electric Cello and Nord Stage Piano we can provide a blend of beautiful music for your wedding drinks reception regardless of whether it’s indoors or outside.

How Loud or Quiet should the music be?

One of the challenges of providing music at a wedding is knowing how loud it should be. There is a fine line between something which replicates Glastonbury versus an acoustic instrument which cannot be heard outside over even quiet chatter. This is the beauty of our fabulous Yamaha Electric Cello and Nord Keyboard.

Anne-Marie Humphries
Anne Marie

We use a small discreet Bose Speaker which means volumes can be set at any suitable level. Our aim is always to replicate the volume you might expect from the acoustic variations of our instruments (we do also have a wooden acoustic cello of course). But when outside you would be surprised how sound can disappear. Even indoors, in some acoustics the noise of chatter can be quite loud.

So when it comes to choosing musicians for your wedding it’s worth thinking about the environment. Will your drinks reception be indoors or outdoors? How many people will there be and of course, most importantly what sort of music do you like and would you like for your guests.

Wedding Drinks

JAM Duo specialise in arrangements of contemporary covers for Piano and Cello. You can get an idea of our repertoire and inspiration by heading over to our listen page where there are over 150 recordings of the most popular songs we are asked to play at weddings.

To find out more about our Duo providing music for your drinks reception then please get in touch via our contact page.

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