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Love found its perfect symphony as Jules and Anne-Marie, known collectively as JAM Duo, graced Aleks and Robbie’s wedding at The Orangery in Maidstone. With Jules on the piano and Anne-Marie on the cello, JAM Duo transformed each moment of the celebration into a melodic masterpiece. From the enchanting ceremony in the gardens to the lively drinks reception on the terrace and the captivating wedding breakfast indoors, JAM Duo’s harmonies resonated with the hearts of all in attendance.

A Harmonious Prelude

The gardens of The Orangery provided an idyllic setting for Aleks and Robbie’s ceremony. As anticipation filled the air, JAM Duo’s melodies began to fill the surroundings. The bridesmaids glided down the aisle to the sounds of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, skillfully blended by Jules into the timeless classic “My Heart Will Go On” for the bride’s grand entrance. The seamless transition of musical notes, which is unique to JAM Duo, created a truly magical moment and makes the bridal entrance even more special and focussed for the bride.

Melodies on the Terrace

Following the ceremony, JAM Duo gracefully moved to the terrace, where the drinks reception was in full swing. As guests mingled and celebrated, JAM Duo’s music became the backdrop to the joyous atmosphere. Their repertoire spanned a diverse range of songs, including Adele’s “Easy On Me,” Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Always Remember Us This Way,” and Coldplay’s “Everglow,” among others. With each delicate stroke of the piano and resonant note from the cello, JAM Duo filled the air with an enchanting blend of emotion and celebration.

A Melodic Journey Through the Wedding Breakfast

The enchantment continued as JAM Duo seamlessly transitioned from the terrace to the indoor venue, where the guests eagerly awaited the wedding breakfast. As the delightful aroma of the sumptuous meal filled the air, JAM Duo’s music filled the space, creating a serene ambiance. Their melodies flowed effortlessly, enhancing the dining experience and providing a melodic tapestry for the guests to savor as they enjoyed their three-course meal. With each stroke of the piano keys and each resonating note from the cello, JAM Duo wove together a harmonious tapestry that elevated the entire celebration.

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