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JAM DuoPiano

The Manufacture of the Piano: An In-Depth Exploration

The piano, an iconic instrument renowned for its versatility and expressive power, is a complex amalgamation of materials, mechanics, and artistry. This article delves into the intricate process of piano …

Piano ShellPiano

The Heartbeat of Celebration: Exploring the Timeless Role of the Piano

In the symphony of life, celebrations are the crescendos that resonate with joy, marking moments of achievement, unity, and jubilation. At the heart of these euphoric symphonies lies the piano, …

Jules AddisonPiano

Exploring the Influence of the Piano at Weddings

Among the plethora of musical instruments, the piano stands out for its versatility, elegance, and ability to evoke a myriad of emotions. This essay delves into the influence of the …

JAM DuoPiano

A Short Piano Improvisation at Bredenbury Court Barns

Jules Addison – Wedding Pianist – plays ‘Wonderful World’ on a Nord Stage Piano Below is a short video of Jules playing a short improvisation based around ‘Wonderful World’ prior …

Nord Stage PianoPiano

The Evolution of Nord Stage Pianos: Crafting Harmony through Innovation

The history of Nord Stage pianos is a testament to the pursuit of excellence in musical instrument design. Born out of a vision to create instruments that seamlessly blend traditional …

Nord 3Piano

The Evolution of the Piano: From the 18th Century to the Digital Age

The piano, a versatile and expressive musical instrument, has undergone a fascinating evolution since its inception in the early 18th century. Its development reflects the ingenuity of instrument makers, the …

Grand PianoPiano

Tuning a Piano: An In-Depth Guide to Achieving Perfect Harmony

Pianos, with their beautiful and complex mechanism, are not just instruments; they are a true masterpiece of engineering and artistry. Yet, to bring out the best in a piano, regular …

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