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Your wedding day is an expression of love between two people and a union of families. It is about sharing love and commitment

Make it Personal

It may sound obvious but the song needs to be personal to you both. Is there a song which always makes you think of your future spouse? Perhaps its the first song you danced to together or something which has a special meaning to you both.

What does the song Say?

You may have your heart set on your favourite romantic song. But it is always worth checking the lyrics – even if you are having it played as an instrumental. The 1992 cover I will Always Love you by Whitney Houston that became a cornerstone of pop culture is not quite a love song.

Consider these lyrics:

“Bittersweet memories
That is all I’m taking with me,
So good-bye, Please don’t cry
We both know I’m not what you, you need”

These reveal that the singer is actually planning on leaving the subject of her song, rather than staying with them, let alone marrying them!

In fact, Dolly Parton wrote the song for her longtime mentor and producer Porter Wagoner when she decided to go solo. 

Here is a little inspiration from our playlists:

No matter what song you choose, always make sure it is something which has a special meaning to you and your partner.

JAM Duo specialise in covers of popular songs. You name the song we can play it.

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