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Folk songs are a particularly popular choice at weddings at the moment. And not just if you are from Ireland (folk music is of course also available in other countries too!).

As a result we have been recording a few traditional Folk songs to add to our growing list of songs that you can hear online. This can be either via our website or on our sound cloud account.

In the last week or so we have recorded Wild Rover and Carrickfergus, both of which you can hear on the player below. We soon plan to record The Fields of Athenry and as always welcome suggestions of other songs you would like to hear.

Irish Folk Music

Though it is only in the past two decades that Irish Music has gained such recognition on an international scale, its origins can be traced back to almost two thousand years ago when the Celts arrived in Ireland.

They brought with them, among other skills and crafts, music. Having been established in Eastern Europe since 500BC, the Celts were undoubtedly influenced by the music of the East, and indeed, it is speculated that the Irish Harp originated in Egypt.

While travelling to Ireland, the Celts left their mark on the musical cultures of Spain and Brittany (Northern France) as well as in Scotland and Wales. However, it is here in Ireland that the tradition has evolved most articulately, thrived most strongly and survived most courageously.


Hear some Irish Folk music performed on Cello and Piano by JAM Duo.

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