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Your wedding is a special day. It’s the day you will remember for the rest of your life and you want it to be as perfect as it can be.

Weddings are all about little details. Whether that’s wedding favours for your guests, the colour scheme of your invitations, or the detail in the button holes for the groom and best man. And as we all know, the details matter.

When it coms to music, getting the choices right is just as important as anything else. Of course one of the key musical moments is the bridal entrance and then later your ‘first dance’. Couples will generally pick a song which has meaning for both of them and in the majority of cases this will be played by a DJ or live band.

JAM Duo can arrange your favourite song for Cello and Piano

One of the key musical moments on your wedding day will be the entrance of the bride at your wedding Ceremony. Our duo (cello and piano) is ideally suited for this – the cello is perhaps the most romantic of all the string family. An arrangement of your favourite song for Cello and Piano makes the perfect entrance and start for your wedding day.

The Cello has a similar range to the human voice and is arguably the most beautiful sounding of all the string instruments when accompanied by piano. As well as a huge classical repertoire, the Cello is ideally suited to arrangements / covers of popular songs. Whether you want to croon to a bit of Elvis Presley or walk down the aisle to Christina Perry, JAM Duo have an ever growing library of covers to suit all musical tastes.

Talk to us about an arrangement of your favourite song. We do not charge to make arrangements of songs and love to discover new music!

JAM Duo would be delighted to arrange your favourite song for Cello and Piano. Please get in touch to discuss your musical requirements.

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