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The Wedding

Emma and Paul
3 Choirs Vineyard, Shedfield, Hampshire
6 August 2021

Today’s wedding at the 3 Choirs Vineyard in Hampshire was another outdoor affair. As we set up, the skies looked a bit grey in places. Of course it is a British obsession to worry about the weather. Luckily today, our worries were short lived and the weather was kind for the duration of the ceremony with the sun appearing in time for the drinks reception.

The ceremony area bathed in sunshine just before the ceremony but with some slightly ominous looking dark clouds hovering around the horizon.

Given the location we were once again reliant on ou trusty portable power supply to provide electricity to the keyboard as well as a small speaker just to boost the sound levels. We don’t generally need much amplification and always try to avoid unless necessary, but in this particular location we could hardly hear the celebrant and so our little speaker was most definitely needed.

Entrance of the Bride

Emma walked in to The Piano Guys version of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. As there was quite a long pathway down to the ceremony area, Emma was able to get a good amount of the song before arriving next to her Groom, Paul.

The Drinks Reception

After the ceremony, we relocated to the other side of the venue to where the drinks reception was taking place. Here again, out silent generator came in useful as a means of providing power to our keyboard.

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

We had a lovely day and really enjoyed playing for Emma and Paul’s wedding in Hampshire. If you would like JAM Duo to bring beautiful music to your wedding day then please get in touch using our contact form.

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