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Today was the first of two weddings we have booked at Nailcote Hall. This was our first ever trip to Nailcote and so we allowed a bit of extra time in order to work out where to park / set up etc.

JAM Duo with Tracey and Phillip

Today’s wedding, for us at any rate, was a Ceremony only occasion and on arrival we realised what the Bride meant by ‘Can you play this song while I walk down the stairs!’. The ceremony room at Nailcote Hall is nothing if not impressive with its grand staircase leading down to the ceremony area. To give us the best view, we were placed in a gallery so we overlooked proceedings.

Wedding Ceremony Music

As Tracey entered, we played “A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perry.

Anne Marie Humphries

The ceremony went very well – albeit some of the guests had to be relieved of their beers prior to the ceremony starting! I believe there is some sort of ancient rule which states that if there is any alcohol in the venue whilst the ceremony is taking place then it invalidates it! Let’s hope everyone got their drinks back afterwards!

JAM Duo on the Balcony

This wedding certainly included an eclectic mix of songs. Before the ceremony and during the signing we played How long will I love you – Can’t help falling in love with you – Wonderwall – Can’t take my eyes off you – Love me like you do – Just the way you are. And to finish things off for the exit of the Bride and Groom we were requested to play Wild Rover. This rather jolly folk song actually works quite well here albeit it’s quite possibly the first time we have played it during a ceremony!

Guests at Nailcote Hall in Coventry

JAM Duo – Wedding musicians in Warwickshire

JAM Duo have undertaken a lot of weddings in Warwickshire as it’s not really that far from our base in the Cotswolds. We really enjoyed the wedding at Nailcote Hall and are already looking forward to the next wedding there in a weeks time.

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