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Finding the right music for your wedding can be a challenge. Live musicians for many will always be preferable to a spotify play list, but how do you find the best musicians for your wedding day?

JAM Duo are a Cello and Piano Duo. We play for weddings and events all over the UK. Whilst we are a Duo, the Cello is very much the main instrument and the focus of our duo. Unlike other solo cellists, Anne-Marie does not play with backing tracks.

Your Wedding Music

If you are looking to hire a cellist for your wedding then JAM Duo could be the perfect fit. Our core repertoire is Covers of Pop songs. Whether you like Elvis Presley, Ed Sheeran or Muse, head on over to our listen page for lots of inspiration.

Of all the string family of instruments the range of the Cello is closest to the human voice. The cello has a lovely mellow tone and this makes it ideal for performing popular covers.

JAM Duo can Perform ANY Song

There are many advantages of live musicians. Perhaps one of the main ones is that there is no restriction on the music which can be played. JAM Duo are not dependent on having a selection of backing tracks. Not only that because everything we play is ‘live’ then we can adapt the speed or style to suit your wedding.

Why the Cello?

Your wedding day will be the most memorable and by far the most special day of your entire life. Emotions will be running high, there may even be tears.

The Cello is capable of putting all these emotions into music. Creating a unique take on your favourite song will add another dimension to your wedding day. Whether you want to walk into Christina Perri’s Thousand Years or Pachelbel’s famous Canon, JAM Duo will play your favourite music in a beautiful way never heard before.

Anne-Marie Humphries
Anne-Marie – Wedding Cellist

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