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Jules and Anne-Marie were delighted to be back at Bredenbury Court Barns for today’s wedding. The sun was shining and everything was looking perfect for Shannon and Paul’s big day.

The Wedding

Shannon and Paul
Bredenbury Court Barns, Herefordshire
Saturday 19 March 2022

Bredenbury Ceremony Room
Anne-Marie at Bredenbury in the Ceremony Room

JAM Duo have had a long relationship with Bredenbury Court Barns which you could argue goes back to the early 1990s! Of course Bredenbury didn’t exist as a wedding venue in those days, but that was about the time when Jules was at school with Bredenbury’s Managing Director Simon Steel.

Moving forward 30 or so years, a chance email in 2021 from Anne-Marie to Simon asking about his lovely venue in Herefordshire put us back in touch. This lead to an opportunity to create a short promo film for JAM Duo and really helped us to develop our duo.

Shannon and Paul’s wedding was the second time JAM Duo were invited to play for a wedding at Bredenbury and it felt lovely to be back in the familiar but stylish surroundings of Bredenbury Court.

Wedding Ceremony

The first order of the day was to provide music for Shannon and Paul’s wedding ceremony. We arrived in good time and set up at the back of the ceremony room. This space at Bredenbury is absolutely glorious with its tall windows and lots of glass. Being a sunny spring afternoon, the room looked resplendent having been decorated beautifully for the occasion.

Jules and Anne-Marie started to play as the guests arrived and took their seats in anticipation of Shannon’s arrival.

Shannon’s Bridal Entrance at Bredenbury

The song Shannon had chosen was ‘Love me Like You Do’ by Ellie Goulding, which is also one of our favourites too!

The video above was just a sneaky one on Jules’ iPhone which doesn’t have any editing or effects. But it does give you some idea of how our duo can sound for the bridal entrance – and of course most importantly shows how fabulous Shannon looked in her wedding dress!

We were given freedom of choice for music during the rest of the ceremony so we chose songs which we hope were in keeping with the bridal entrance! During the signing we played the Brooklyn Duo’s version of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’. At the end of the ceremony we went more upbeat with ‘This will be’ (an everlasting love) (Natalie Cole).

Wedding Drinks Reception

After the ceremony the guests moved outside for photographs and to partake of their favourite tipple from the bar! Jules and Anne-Marie moved out on to the balcony to provide music during the drinks reception.

JAM Duo at Bredenbury

The ‘rules’ at Bredenbury state that only acoustic music can be performed outside. Unfortunately we didn’t realise this until after we had setup our small PA system for the electric cello. We tend to use this for outdoor drinks receptions just to boost the sound of the cello. Nevertheless, we always come prepared so quickly made the switch to our acoustic cello in order to comply!

Anne-Marie Humphries
Cellist Anne-Marie Humphries at Bredenbury Court

We carried on playing out in the sun for around 90 minutes whilst Shannon and Paul’s wedding guests were photographed and enjoyed drinks both on the terrace and in the bar. It’s always a difficult call whether to play indoors or outdoors on these occasions so we are usually guided by the wedding co-ordinator as to where best we should set up.

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

Jules and Anne-Marie really enjoy playing at Bredenbury and it is perhaps one of our favourite venues. If you are getting married here and like the sound of a Cello and Piano duo, then we would love to hear from you! You can get in touch via our contact form either by email or WhatsApp, or just give us a call!

Jules and Anne-Marie

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