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Today, we had the pleasure of being a part of Joss and Kayleigh’s stunning wedding at the picturesque Delamere Manor in Cheshire. As JAM Duo, we provided the perfect daytime music to enhance the magical atmosphere of their special day. Join us as we share the beautiful moments we created through our cello and piano melodies.

A Captivating Set-Up:

As we arrived at Delamere Manor, the elegant venue provided a breathtaking backdrop for Joss and Kayleigh’s union. With the sun shining and a gentle breeze in the air, the scene was set for a truly memorable celebration. Anne-Marie, our talented cellist, looked radiant in her vibrant yellow dress, holding her exquisite Yamaha Electric Cello. The anticipation was palpable as we prepared to immerse the atmosphere with music.

A Melodic Accompaniment to the Ceremony:

During the ceremony, we played a significant role in creating an intimate and romantic ambiance. As Joss and Kayleigh signed the register, our music filled the air with emotions that words alone cannot express. The heartfelt melodies of “Feels Like Home,” “Thinking Out Loud,” and “What a Wonderful World” resonated with the couple and their guests, making this moment even more unforgettable.

Harmonious Cheers on the Terrace:

Following the ceremony, we transitioned seamlessly into the outdoor drinks reception on the terrace. The enchanting melodies of our cello and piano harmonies added an extra layer of charm to the celebration. As guests mingled and savored their refreshing beverages, our music provided a soothing and joyful soundtrack to their conversations and laughter. The magical atmosphere was elevated by the power of music.

Elevating the Wedding Breakfast:

With the daylight slowly fading, we relocated our instruments and PA system to the room where the wedding breakfast would be held. The anticipation grew as we prepared to create a captivating atmosphere for this cherished gathering. Our music gently embraced the room, enveloping guests in a warm embrace of melody. Each note added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the celebration, enhancing the joyful conversations and creating unforgettable memories.


Being a part of Joss and Kayleigh’s wedding at Delamere Manor was a true honor for JAM Duo. Our cello and piano melodies served as the soundtrack to their love story, creating an ambiance that perfectly complemented the beauty of the day. From the poignant moments during the signing of the register to the lively atmosphere on the terrace, and finally, the harmonious backdrop during the wedding breakfast, our music elevated every aspect of the celebration.

As musicians, it is our greatest joy to witness the power of music in bringing people together and evoking emotions that words often cannot express. Joss and Kayleigh’s wedding was a testament to this, and we feel privileged to have been a part of their special day. We wish the happy couple a lifetime of love, harmony, and beautiful music.

A brief History of Delamere Manor

Delamere Manor is a historic estate nestled in the idyllic countryside of Cheshire, England. Its rich history spans several centuries, carrying tales of grandeur, illustrious owners, and the evolution of a beloved landmark.

The manor’s origins can be traced back to the 17th century when it was initially constructed as a lavish country house. Over the years, it passed through the hands of various notable families, each leaving their mark on the estate. The architecture of Delamere Manor reflects the changing trends and tastes of different eras, blending elements of Georgian and Victorian styles.

One of the most significant moments in the manor’s history came in the early 20th century when it was acquired by Lord and Lady Beecham. The Beecham family played a prominent role in the pharmaceutical industry, and their ownership of Delamere Manor further elevated its status as a prestigious residence. Under their stewardship, the manor underwent extensive renovations and additions, transforming it into a magnificent country estate.

In the following decades, Delamere Manor changed hands several times, passing through the ownership of notable figures in the entertainment industry. It was during this time that the manor gained recognition as a sought-after venue for extravagant events, weddings, and private gatherings. Its picturesque surroundings and opulent interiors attracted both local and international guests, who reveled in the beauty and charm of the estate.

More recently, Delamere Manor became synonymous with the global music icon, Gary Barlow. The renowned singer-songwriter, known for his role in the acclaimed band Take That, purchased the manor in 2007. Barlow meticulously restored the estate to its former glory, paying homage to its rich heritage while infusing it with modern amenities and luxurious touches.

Under Barlow’s ownership, Delamere Manor emerged as a premier wedding and events venue, renowned for its elegance, exclusivity, and attention to detail. The manor’s sprawling gardens, enchanting lake, and picturesque surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable celebrations.

Today, Delamere Manor continues to enchant visitors and serve as a testament to its remarkable past. It stands as a cherished historical landmark, blending timeless charm with contemporary sophistication. Whether as a wedding venue, a place of respite, or a source of inspiration, Delamere Manor holds a special place in the hearts of those who have had the privilege of experiencing its grandeur.

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