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With Essex being quite a trek from our home in the Cotswolds, Jules and Anne-Marie elected to find a hotel in Basildon the night before Kayley and Reece’s wedding. With the wedding not starting until later in the afternoon, we also had plenty of time to explore the local area – Anne-Marie is always keen to look for more new dresses she can wear for our gigs!

The Wedding

Kayley and Reece
St Augustine’s Church, Thorpe Bay
Saturday 9 April 2022

Cello for wedding
Anne-Marie – JAM Duo Wedding Cellist

After a lot of barn and hotel weddings (all of which were lovely!) it was still nice to be back in a church for today’s wedding. We were made extremely welcome by the clergy and given a space to set up. There was a grand piano in the church which was available for our use. However a short rendition of ‘Misty’ quickly revealed that the piano, whilst not entirely out of tune, was alas not completely in tune with itself.

Bringing in our own piano we were soon ready to start playing music before the service as the guests arrived.

Music for the service

With freedom of choice for music before the service and during the photographs, Kayley had picked some lovely music for the service itself:

Entrance of the Bride – Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
Signing of the Register – Unchained Melody & Can’t Help Falling in Love
Exit of the Bride and Groom – 500 Miles (I wanna be)

Music after the service

Kayley and Reece had arranged to have lots of photographs taken outside the church and we were asked to provide some background music whilst this was happening.

Setting up on the grass outside the church and with the help of our portable power supply JAM Duo continued to provide music for around 45 minutes whilst a range of photographs were taken of the different family groups, bridesmaids etc.

Wedding Couple
Jules and Anne-Marie with Kayley and Reece

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

Jules and Anne-Marie travel all over the UK to play for weddings and events. If you would like to discuss the option of having our Cello and Piano Duo at your Wedding then please do get in touch.

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