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Today’s wedding was, for us at any rate, about as local as it gets. For the first time in a very long time we stayed in our home county of Wiltshire. A short trek to the other side of the M4 took us to the beautiful home of Cait and Danny which was to be the venue for today’s wedding.

The Wedding

Cait and Danny
At Home in Wiltshire
4 June 2022

I would say if you are able to, there is nothing more romantic than getting married in your own back garden. Particularly if, as in this case, you have a beautiful weeping willow tree to wed under.

Of course, one assumes that Cait and Danny’s back garden is not in fact licencesed for wedding so this was a Hand Fasting Ceremony led by a celebrant. But nevertheless it was every bit as lovely, if not more so, as a wedding could possibly be.

Wedding Ceremony and Drinks Reception

Our brief today was to play for the beautiful and enchanting outside wedding ceremony followed by a short part of the drinks reception.

Initially we had been asked to set up under the willow tree. Whilst a lovely idea, and we even had our own rug to set up on, the weather was not ideal. It wasn’t raining and indeed mostly the sun was shining. All good you might think. However there was much wind! This was definitely a case of Wind in the Willows!

Consequently, and with Anne-Marie being battered by the willow, we decided it would be easier (and safer) to move ourselves to the back of the ceremony area where we could find a flat piece of grass without a tree that was prone to attacking us!

Ultimately we don’t ever like to make and fuss and quite honestly will put up with a lot just in the interests of ‘getting on with it’ and doing what the customer has asked. Nevertheless when a tree is virtually whipping you, this does actually make playing the cello almost impossible!

Ceremony Music

The ceremony included some lovely songs, some of which we hadn’t played at weddings before. As well as playing at the usual key moments we were also asked to play quietly during the readings and the other spoken sections of the ceremony:

Entrance of the Bride – Theme to Jurassic Park by the Piano Guys
First Reading – Norwegian Wood by the Beatles
Couples Story – In the Kitchen by Hawktail
Second Reading – Pink Moon by Nick Drake
Vows and Handfasting – Playing Love by Ennio Morricone
Signing of the Certificate – Down by the Salley Gardens
End of the Ceremony – Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

Jules and Anne-Marie would love to be part of your wedding day. If you would like to find out more please continue to browse our website or do please get in touch via our contact page. We would love to hear from you and be part of your special day.

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