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Today we were back in West Sussex for the delightful wedding of Jamie-Leigh and Andrew which took place in Farbridge.

If these walls could talk they would tell of family and friends coming together. Of vows exchanged, toasts made, food savoured. And every tale would be different. And every memory a new one.

The Wedding

Jamie-Leigh and Andrew
Farbridge, West Sussex
29 September 2022

The Wedding Ceremony

Today we were just providing music for the wedding ceremony. Arriving in good time we met up with the lovely wedding planners from Farbridge who directed us to two chairs which had been placed at the front of the ceremony room for our use.

Just as we had finished setting up and were tuning the cello the registrars arrived. This was perfectly fine until they said we should be at the back of the room. Obviously we are always happy to accommodate any requests but since the chairs were set out for wedding guests and went right up to the back wall it was hard to see how we would relocate. We were then ‘told’ that our music had to be extremely quiet during the signing of the register as this was a legal part of the ceremony and nothing loud was permitted in law.

We decided that it was best to just agree with this despite never having had this request at any of the last 500 or more weddings we have provided music for in a whole variety of settings. And so as requested when the register was being signed we turned our amp right down – it’s uncertain whether the guests heard anything above their chatter as we could barely hear each other. However, that was the order which was given and so that’s what we did!

Once that was all agreed and the registrar had finished muttering unkind words about us to her colleague we carried on, remaining ever professional despite feeling most unwelcome and uncertain why such abuse was being dished out given that we had only followed instruction, and set up where both the venue and the bride had asked us to! It was a shame the registrar was so unpleasant to us as the ladies at the venue and the couple were all so kind and accommodating.

Anyway moving on. Musically speaking Jamie-Leigh had chosen some great songs for her wedding ceremony and we particularly enjoyed the blend of two songs during the bridal entrance.

The Ceremony Music

Pre Ceremony
O mio babbino
La vie de rose
I Giorni
Ave Maria Gounod

Bridal Entrance
River flows in you and Cannon in D

Nuevo bianche
Hallelujah Leonard cohen

September – Earth wind and fire

We really enjoyed today’s wedding despite the aforementioned discussion with the registrar. Farwood is a delightful venue and one to which we would be happy to return. We wish Jamie-Leigh and Andrew every happiness in their future married life together xx

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