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Today’s wedding took us North from our home in the Cotswolds to a lovely, if rather cold, part of Derbyshire. With plenty of time before the ceremony starting at one we had time to stop near Burton on Trent for a spot of breakfast. Not knowing the area that well we were hoping for a nice farm shop cafe. However it turned out that Burton on Trent isn’t that sort of place so we had to settle for a fast food establishment on the edge of the A38! Nevertheless we arrived in good time ready to set up for today’s wedding – the first of 2023!

The Wedding

Rebecca and Joshua
The White Hart Inn, Alfreton
Friday 20 January 2023

White Hart Inn
The White Hart inn

The Wedding Ceremony

Setting up at the back of the ceremony room we were ideally placed to see Rebecca’s arrival. The space at the hotel was set out beautifully with a lovely arch at the end of the room completing the look.

Ceremony Room

We played music for around 30 minutes before the ceremony whilst guests were arriving to be seated, taking our inspiration from the ceremony music as a guide.

Wedding Ceremony Room
Ceremony Room
Anne-Marie Humphries
Anne-Marie with her Yamaha Electric Cello

Music for the ceremony

Bridal Entrance
Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs

Can You Feel the Love
Can’t Help Falling in Love

Dancing in the Moonlight

Wedding Drinks Reception

After the ceremony Rebecca and Joshua, along with their guests, moved outside for the group photograph. As there was limited space in the bar area, and a lot of the photos were being done outside (despite the cold!) we found that by turning round and playing through the open doors of the ceremony room we could provide music to guests both inside and outdoors without moving from our current location. This saves a bit of time, particularly as we would also be needing to move for the meal a bit later on. And as a result meant there was more music!

The Wedding Meal

After a short drinks reception it was then time for the wedding breakfast. This meant we had to move into an adjacent room so we could provide a blend of piano and cello with a more relaxed vibe during the meal.

This was a really lovely wedding to start 2023 for us and the couple very kindly arranged a meal for us in the hotel bar after their wedding breakfast.

We really enjoyed being part of Rebecca and Joshau’s wedding day and we wish them every happiness in their married life together.

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