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For today’s wedding (1 May 2023) we were back in the beautiful country of Wales to provide daytime music for Brad and Amy who had chosen Cefn Tilla Court near Usk as their venue.

Approaching the main house we saw to our left the ceremony area had been set up for an outdoor wedding. Despite the weather forecast hedging its bets between rain and full sun we knew that Brad and Amy were keen to have their ceremony outside.

Ignoring the weather forecast and with the sun currently shining we set up, as directed by Emily and her team, just to one side of the ceremony area. Well when I say just to one side we were in fact over a bridge and under a tree, but positioned next to a rather delightful statue.

Music for the Ceremony

As we were outside, this was another occasion where we were relying on having bought our own portable power supply. That said, as you never quite know what is going to happen at weddings, we never leave anything to chance and always bring everything, particularly in terms of power and extra cabling.

Pre Ceremony
This Will be an Everlasting Love (Natalie Cole)
Tale as Old as Time (Beauty and the Beast)
Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Here Comes the Sun’ by The Beatles.
Beneath Your Beautiful (Labrinth)
Your Song (Elton John)

Bridal Entrance
Brent Morgan – Kiss the Girl (sample you sent us, not the one on the website)

Bridgerton theme
Can you feel the love tonight – Elton John

Here Comes The Sun

The Wedding Drinks Reception

Moving round to the back of the house, we again set up outside for the drinks reception. By this time the weather had gone surprisingly hot, certainly compared to recent weeks and in some contrast to the forecast. As a result we found ourselves a reasonably sheltered corner where we could continue to play whilst guests enjoyed champagne and canapés.

Indeed as a direct consequence of this unexpected ‘heatwave’ we promptly ordered ourselves a suitably stylish canopy which we can use at future weddings where the sun is particularly warm!

We really enjoyed being part of Brad and Amy’s Wedding at Cefn Tilla Court in Wales and wish them every happiness in their future married lives together.

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