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On 15 February we found ourselves in Baldock for a Valentines evening meal. Sounds romantic, but as always we were providing the entertainment on this occasion. Our own meal out would have to wait for now!

Originally this event had been planned for New Years Eve but was then postponed for a couple of months. We did check with the client that the Valentines event was meant to be on 15 February!!

The venue was a beautiful new restaurant in Baldock simply called ‘Eight’.

Eight. is a new restaurant & bar offering a modern-European-inspired menu.

Eight is the concept of local chef, Kish Raheja and the perfect setting to enjoy an evening meal out or a hearty Sunday roast. Set in the market town of Baldock, North Hertfordshire, Eight. places emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.

You can find out more about Eight by visiting their website.

Musical Entertainment

It was the great William Shakespeare who said:

If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die.

Twelfth Night

Our brief for the evening was three sets of 45 minutes in length from 7pm whilst guests arrived for a Romantic meal. Setting up in a small corner by the entrance we were well placed to fill the restaurant with music but without being overbearing.

Background Music

We have a lot of experience at providing music during meals, particularly at weddings. The key here is to ensure the music can be heard and is part of the occasion but not too loud that it becomes in any way intrusive.

There is a very delicate balance here between something which is too loud and takes over and something which is too far in the background not to be noticed. After all it’s easy enough to just play music through speakers so if a client has asked for live music is does need to integrate into the event.

We played a variety of music throughout the evening to suit the ‘love’ theme. You can hear lots of the tracks we perform by heading over to our listen page.

If you would like JAM Duo to provide music for your event then do please get in touch.

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