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A church at Wilsford is mentioned in Domesday Book, but the building dates to the 11th to 15th centuries, with a restoration in 1860 by Kirk and Parry.

Various details of the standing fabric of St Mary’s Church Wilsford church suggest that it may have been of high status in the pre-Conquest 11th century, possibly even of minster status. The remaining Anglo-Saxon stonework in the church includes two re-used decorated stones, a grave cover and a grave marker, both in the north aisle. There are also several examples of re-used stones with 12th-13th century cross pattee decoration.

Lizzie and Ben
St Mary’s Church, Wilsford, Lincolnshire
Saturday 8 June 2024
Church Ceremony

Today we travelled to Lincolnshire and the village of Wilsford for the church wedding between Ben and Lizzie for which we were providing music for their ceremony up to the point of the couple exit where the church organist was taking over to play the Wedding March.

Pre Ceremony
Clair de Lune
Cello suite No. 1 in G Major
A gentle sunlight – James Quinn
Divenire – Angèle Dubeau
Life – Angèle Dubeau

Bridal Entrance
River Flows in You – Piano Guys
Ave Maria – Schubert

Dawn – From pride and prejudice
I Giorni – Angèle dubeau

Today the organist was playing the exit music – Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. It was certainly an interesting arrangement of this piece – but as is often the case Parish church organists are very protective of the instrument, but despite not being able to play it to an even remotely acceptable standard, refuse to let anyone else play. We did feel sorry for Ben and Lizzie as the organist managed to ruin all the hymns and played the exit music appallingly badly.

Nevertheless, our role was to provide the music for pre ceremony, the bridal entrance and the signing of the register. Setting up with our piano shell to one side of the ceremony the acoustic of the building was perfect for the cello and piano and we hope Ben and Lizzie enjoyed the music we provided.

Lizzie had chosen a blend of two songs – we started with River Flows in You for the entrance of her bridesmaids and then as the congregation were invited to stand for the bride, we merged this seamlessly into Ave Maria by Schubert for Lizzie’s entrance.

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