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The UK was plunged into lockdown on March 23, and with it all weddings were banned, causing heartache for couples who’d been planning and looking forward to their big day and severe financial stress for all those working in the wedding industry. 

Ahead of the complete lockdown, the Church of England had said weddings could take place with a maximum of five people, including the bride and groom and wedding officiator, leaving space for just the two witnesses. 

But what now?

Earlier this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a roadmap to indicate how the UK might get out of lockdown. In a recent interview on BBC Radio 4, justice secretary Robert Buckland acknowledged the lack of clarity around weddings, saying he was giving a “lot of anxious consideration to the effect of the potential changes as to what we can do with regard marriage ceremonies.”

A Glimmer of Hope

If all goes to plan and the relaxing of the current lockdown restrictions doesn’t lead to an increase in the rate of R, small weddings might be allowed to take place from next month. 

Part of the 51-page document released on Monday states that from June 1, officials are “examining how to enable people to gather in slightly larger groups to better facilitate small weddings”.

Elsewhere, in step three of the plan, it says that from July 4 at the earliest, places of worship might be reopened provided they can maintain social distancing.

What does this mean for JAM Duo?

For us, even the vaguest of suggestions that small weddings might be allowed in the relatively near future is very good news.

Even if social distancing is still with us for some time to come then JAM Duo could still be the right choice for your wedding.

We can perform outside – we can even wear masks if you want! We don’t blow into anything or sing and we can perform at a distance from you and your guests. When it comes to music making in these difficult times, a Cello and Piano Duo is perhaps one of the best options.

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