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In this new world we find ourselves in, government guidance and regulations concerning music, public performance and church services. It is therefore entirely possible that anything written in this short post is likely to be out of date or inaccurate before the post even got published.

Like anything on the internet therefore, this comes with the usual disclaimer that current guidelines in place will always prevail if they are different to anything which might be suggested in this post or indeed on our website.

That over with, it has to be said we are feeling a little more positive about the future of music and ‘public performances’. With weddings currently allowed to go ahead (albeit on a reduced scale) we are already seeing quite a lot of interest in our Duo.

Covid Safe

The key to having music at your wedding at the minute appears to be whether the musicians are A – Professionals and B – Covid Safe. Of course deciding whether anything is ‘covid safe’ is a minefield in itself. At the moment the biggest concern seems to centre around choirs and wind / brass players. Whether that is a justified concern is not something we propose to go into!

However, for us, we believe based on current guidance that our Duo is perfectly permissable and can perform at weddings and events provided social distancing and sensible precautions are taken.

Performing in these strange times

Everything about our Duo is or can be entirely self sufficient. All we actually need is a source of power if we are bringing the piano keyboard as accompaniment to Cello. If your venue has a good (and in tune) piano then sometimes that might be a good option.

However in the current world of social distancing and cleanliness it is perhaps easier to stick to bringing our own instruments which we regularly clean even though there is no shared use of them.

By the very nature of our instruments they are currently deemed to be covid safe and where appropriate can be played whilst wearing a mask without any impact on the quality of our performance.

We therefore believe based on our understanding of the current guidelines in place (this post was written in July 2020) that our Duo is perfectly safe and able to perform at weddings and events in the UK.

Adding up the Numbers

At the moment Weddings in the UK are restricted to just 30 people. It seems to vary from place to place whether that number includes the vicar, the photographer and the organist / musicians. Our understanding is that it does so you would have to factor this into your calculations. However, this is ultimately a matter for the individual priest to confirm. The size of the church / venue might also be a deciding factor.

Find out more

As government guidelines are constantly changing at the moment we would advise anyone looking to book our duo for a wedding or event to get in touch to discuss your requirements. We can then work with you in line with the current regulations to ensure we perform not only legally but perfectly safely for you.

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