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When it comes to choosing songs that you would like performed at your wedding, whether thats during the ceremony, the reception or perhaps for your first dance, it is always a very personal choice. Whilst we have a published repertoire list, realistically this is only a guide to the sort of music we can perform.

JAM Duo love learning new songs and finding new music to play. Consequently we are recording new things all the time. From time to time, wedding couples ask us whether a particular song might be suitable. By this we meant suitability for performance on the Cello.

What songs work on Cello?

The most resonant voice in the strings section, the cello has been described as the instrument that most closely corresponds to the human vocal range. Whilst primarily an orchestral instrument – Symphony orchestras employ between eight and 12 cellists, there is a formidable canon of solo pieces for cello too, of which JS Bach’s Cello Suites are generally regarded as the daddy. 

As well as classical repertoire, taking advantage of the cellos sonorous range, it is ideally suited to a lot of more modern contemporary songs. This is particularly good for the range of songs we get asked to perform.

Like anything, some songs work better on Cello than others. Long flowing lines are always particularly pleasing. But it is surprising what can work.

Sample Recordings of Wedding Songs

Because most wedding couples will only be familiar with the original version of their favourite song, we are sometimes asked to record a short sample to show how it would sound on cello and piano. And this is why we recently recorded Photograph by Ed Sheeran.

For anyone who doesn’t know the song, here is the official video from Ed Sheeran.

We had a recent request from a wedding couple we are working with to record a sample of Photograph by Ed Sheeran. They wanted the song performed during the ceremony and were keen to hear how it would sound on the Cello.

And so we duly obliged and here is our sample recording of Photograph by Ed Sheeran.

We are always keen to hear from wedding couples about their music choices. If there is a song you want us to perform at your wedding then do please get in touch and we will see how well it works on the Cello.

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