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Lockdown has been, and continues to be, tough for those involved in the wedding industry. For a year now, weddings have been restricted in terms of numbers and indeed in many cases not allowed to go ahead at all. We feel for everyone involved in the industry from Bridal Shops to Photographers and Reception Venues.

However, there is some glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Notwithstanding the idea that our exit from lockdown is going to be based on data not dates, Boris Johnson has given some suggestion of a timescale in the roadmap out of lockdown. For the moment, we are not taking this too literally. At the time of writing we haven’t quite got to the very first of the key dates which is that of schools going back on Monday 8 March.

When will Weddings be allowed to resume?

For everyone in the industry along with around 250,000 wedding couples this is of course the sixty four thousand dollar question. And no, we don’t have the answers for you I’m afraid.

At this stage all we can say is that we are hopping the vaccines help us to progress out of lockdown into a better place where not only weddings, but a more normal life might be able to start again.

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Given the way we are taking bookings at the moment, it would appear there is a lot more confidence about weddings going ahead from Summer 2021 onwards. We have already got a lot of bookings for the second half of the year and our diary is starting to fill up through 2022 and beyond.

Booking Musicians for your wedding

Everyone is different of course and will have different priorities and requirements for their wedding. But on the whole we realise that musicians are often the last thing to be booked for weddings. And that’s no bad thing. Obviously you need to start with the venue and the ceremony and then of course the dress!

When it comes to music for your wedding it’s worth thinking about all parts of the day. For a lot of people a DJ or a live band will be their first consideration for the ‘evening do’. To be fair we would agree totally with this. We have been asked to play for the first dance before now, depending in on the song, but after that a DJ or band is probably the best choice for evening entertainment.

Wedding Ceremony and Drinks Reception

It is the earlier parts of the day where JAM Duo are the ideal choice to create a soundtrack for your wedding day.

Music plays an important part at your wedding ceremony. Whether in a church, registry office or other civil licenced venue, there are several key moments where music can make a big difference to the occasion.

JAM Duo usually start playing as your guests arrive. Some quite classical music (or a playlist of your favourite songs) as people take their seats, helps to make a much more relaxed atmosphere. There is nothing worse than everyone sitting in silence. Bizarrely music playing will often encourage guests to chat to each other.

This is fine as far as we are concerned. We are not there to give a concert, and if we help your guests to relax and enjoy the occasion then so much the better.

Other key points in the ceremony where music makes all the difference is for the entrance of the bride. Usually this will be a song which has most meaning for the couple. As the Cello is said to most closely resemble the human voice in terms of range it is ideally suited to play a range of contemporary and popular songs but in a whole new way.

Sometimes we are asked to perform a song during the service for example before or after a reading. The signing of the register is the next moment where music is ideal. Otherwise your guests are just sat there in silence waiting. Most signings will take between 5 and 10 minutes, allowing time for photographs to be taken too. So this is an ideal point to add in some music to keep your guests entertained and relaxed.

At the end of your ceremony is another point where music really makes the occasion. What better than to walk out as husband and wife to your favourite song.

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Wedding Receptions

When it comes to the drinks reception, usually in a hotel or similar venue, again this is a good time for background music. You could of course just put on a Spotify play list through a sound system. However, this is your special day and so it makes sense to have something a little different.

JAM Duo (Cello and Piano) are the ideal accompaniment to a drinks reception and we can add a touch of class to your occasion. We generally play without amplification and the delicate sound of the cello will enhance any occasion.

If you would like to find out more about JAM Duo performing at your wedding then please get in touch. We have an extensive playlist and have also recorded a wide range of songs. However if there is a particular song you would like at your wedding, please let us know and we will record you a short sample so you can hear how it might sound.

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