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Choosing musicians for your wedding can be a complete minefield to the uninitiated. For many, their wedding day is perhaps one of the few, if only, occasions where the might require the services of professional musicians. So where do you start and what are the options?

Where do you need music on your wedding day?

In short, pretty much the whole day can feature music. Starting with the ceremony, music is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere whilst your guests gather and await the entrance of the bride.

Key points during the Wedding Ceremony for music are:

Entrance of the Bride
During the Signing of the Register
Exit of the Bride and Groom

Some couples also choose to have a piece of music played either instead of or after a reading.

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After the ceremony most wedding couples will have a drinks reception. This might be at the same venue if it is a civil ceremony in a hotel or you might then move to a different location. Drinks receptions vary in length but we expect to play for anything up to around 2 hours, sometimes less sometimes more. As a rule JAM Duo do not watch the clock during performances and within reason we will play for as long as is needed without incurring you in additional fees.

From there you move on to the wedding breakfast or meal. This is another time where gentle background music can create a lovely atmosphere. This will help your guests to feel relaxed and chat to each other while they enjoy the food and wine.

The final part of most wedding days is then the evening reception. For this most couples will want something up beat. Typically a DJ is the order of the day but not necessarily. JAM Duo have performed during First Dances before now before giving way to perhaps a jazz band or DJ.

What sort of musicians do you want?

When it comes to music, this is very personal choice. And when it comes to choice, there is plenty of it. Nowadays pretty much there is choice of anything imaginable.

JAM Duo are here to add a touch of sophistication to your wedding day. The sound of the Cello is perhaps, although we are biased, the most beautiful of all string instruments. The range of the instrument is very similar to the human voice. This means it is extremely versatile and can excel at everything from 17th classical music through to covers of contemporary popular songs.

We excel at performing for wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions, sometimes at the wedding breakfast too. The blend of cello and piano can create a lovely ambience in any room and will really help your guests to relax.

If you would like to find out more about JAM Duo or hear us play then head over to our listen page where you will find an ever increasing number of samples.

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