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For the past 15 months or so, it feels like we have all been waiting.  First there was lockdown on 23 March 2020.  This was promised to be reviewed after 8 weeks, then another few weeks. For a brief moment in Summer of 2020 we were allowed outside but only if we didn’t go near anyone else.   

Then a few weeks later as autumn drew nearer, we were locked up again.  This continued on and off for a while until in Spring 2021 things started to look a little bit more positive.  There was even talk of a complete ‘back to normal’ on 21 June.  Although to be fair, probably not many of us actually believed that would happen despite the optimism of the politicians at the time. 

And so with June 21 rapidly approaching we are now all waiting on a new date of 19 July.   

The news for weddings?

Now, it is never our purpose to get involved in a political debate nor to question the decisions which are being made by those in power.  Notwithstanding the huge numbers of people who will have been disappointed by the news this week, we are taking some comfort from the fact that weddings have been given some good news. 

Without going into too much detail (a lot of which is uncertain anyway) what has been made clear is that weddings are no longer limited in terms of guest numbers.   Boris says you can have as many people as you like at a wedding provided the venue operates social distancing in line with government regulations at the time. 

With many wedding couples on their third or even fourth wedding date this has come as good news as it means weddings can finally go ahead without leaving out any of your friends / family. 

The only slight fly in the ointment for some might be that restrictions on singing and dancing (with the exception of the first dance) remain in place.   

Music for the evening

Our most popular wedding packages are to play at the wedding ceremony, the drinks reception and sometimes the wedding breakfast. Or in a lot of cases a combination of these three points. 

We currently operate 3 basic packages:

Option 1 :  Pre ceremony and ceremony music

Option 2:  Option 1 + Music for your drinks reception

Option 3:  Options 1 and 2 + jazz piano selection for your wedding breakfast

We do this on the basis that the majority of wedding couples will book a DJ or live band for the evening part of their day in order to encourage dancing and singing.   Currently it seems this element isn’t permissible. 

However, the first dance is allowed and there is nothing (that we have found) to say you cannot have music in the evening, purely that it cannot encourage singing / dancing.   To help our wedding couples maintain their ideal day, JAM Duo can play for the first dance – with our extensive range of covers arranged for Piano and Cello this could be a very beautiful way for newly weds to dance together.   

We can also play throughout the evening, with some amplification we can make our sets a little more foreground rather than background.  Whilst we would never claim to be an alternative to a DJ, in current times this is certainly an option that some of our wedding couples are exploring.  

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