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JAM Duo can perform outdoors at your Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Drinks reception. We are an acoustic duo – Cello and Piano and can even supply our own power for the digital piano in the most remote locations.

JAM Duo Wedding Cello
JAM Duo performing outside for a wedding

In light of the recent lifting of restrictions when it comes to numbers at weddings, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. However, whilst there is no cap on the numbers who can attend a wedding currently, social distancing still needs to be maintained.

This is in the remit of the wedding venues to decide what numbers can be safely accommodated inside. As a result a lot of weddings are moving outside – certainly for the drinks reception. This gives far more scope to have more people attending your wedding – even if it is in a marquee which is open at the sides.

Wedding musicians – Performing outdoors

Acoustic Duo comprising Cello and Piano, JAM Duo can perform equally well inside or outside. When it comes to performing outside there are 3 main elements to consider:

The British Weather

Our instruments are not waterproof. So we cannot play outside if it’s raining! However, this isn’t really a problem because we also assume that your wedding guests wouldn’t want to stand around outside in the rain either! This doesn’t mean we cannot be partially outside if it’s raining – under a marquee or similar shelter is perfectly good enough. So long as we aren’t being rained on we can usually deal with weather.

Power Supply

Our Digital Piano, unlike the cello, does need a source of power. We carry multiple extension leads for this, or in the event there is no mains power supply in a nearby or accessible location we have our own silent generator which can be used to power the piano in even the most remote locations.

This gives us flexibility to locate in the most convenient place for your wedding rather than being limited to either space or power constraints. It also means there are no trailing cables which can be unsightly.


In the majority of cases we do not need to amplify our digital piano or Cello. However sometimes outdoor performances can require some additional support. For this purpose, if required, we have our own portable PA system which can be used.

Generally we do not amplify beyond just a little above the normal volumes of the cello as we are always conscious that our performances for weddings is meant to create a pleasant ambience rather than being a full on performance.

From time to time we are asked to perform at an evening event or for a first dance and in such situations we may amplify a little more to change the mood of our performance from ambient to a more full on performance.

The question of amplification is something we will discuss with you prior to your wedding. In the vast majority of cases it is not necessary and we prefer to remain a purely acoustic duo as we feel this gives the best blend between cello and piano.

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