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Beautiful Crazy” is a song recorded by American country music singer Luke Combs. Before being released as a single, Combs posted videos to Facebook of himself performing the song. It also became a regular performance in his concerts, and in 2018, he re-issued his debut album This One’s for You (titled This One’s for You Too) with a studio version as a bonus track

Beautiful Crazy official video

We love this song and it often gets requested by Brides either for their wedding ceremony or to form part of our set when playing for the Drinks Reception.

JAM Duo at a Wedding

Listen to JAM Duo perform Beautiful Crazy

This is our arrangement for Cello and Piano which is becoming increasingly popular for weddings. When it comes to our duo performing for your wedding, there are three main points during the day where JAM Duo is best suited.

The Wedding Ceremony

We can play for half an hour or so whilst your guests arrive and get seated followed by a special song as the Bride enters. Music is then also played during the signing of the register and again as the newly wed couple exit the ceremony room or church.

Wedding Drinks Reception

During your wedding drinks reception – usually following the ceremony, JAM Duo can play for around 2 hours. In most cases we do not limit our sets based purely on time. If you work on approximately 10-15 songs per hour this gives you some idea what to expect.

Wedding Breakfast

During the wedding Breakfast the Duo can provide subtle background music to create an ambience. As well as the Cello and Piano Duo, sometimes Jules will play the piano for you during the wedding breakfast to give a variety of music and styles during the course of your day.

First Dance

We are sometimes asked to accompany the first dance – although generally in the evening we give way to a DJ or live band.

To find out more about JAM Duo and how our music can enhance your special day please get in touch

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