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Original planned for June 2021, the CULS Garden Party was postponed due to Covid restrictions and took place on 2 October 2021. JAM Duo were delighted to be invited to take part at this years event which was held at Barrington Hall just outside of Cambridge.

Photo (C) CULS (Facebook) 2021

The title of the event was Once Upon a Time and there was very much a theme going on here as becomes clear from the site map!

JAM Duo were booked to play for the opening drinks reception. With the outside being quite frightful, we were fortunately based inside the rather baronial mansion that is Barrington Hall. Arriving in good time for our 4pm start, we were initially shown to our dressing room!

CULS Drinks Reception

Our brief was to provide some classical and stylish background music as the Garden Party Guests arrived and were handed a glass of Champagne. Setting up in the great hall the accoustic suited the cello extremely well and we were soon surrounded by Cambridge Law Students dressed in their finery ready to party the night away.

Jules and Anne-Marie (JAM Duo) at Barrington Hall

Our set was only 45 minutes in length but we managed to fit in a wide range of songs. As the room started to fill up we were soon the centre of attention and, whilst we do not claim to be a party band, the presence of live music certainly helped to create a great atmosphere for the opening of the Garden Party.

At the end of our set, just before we were about to pack away, we were approached by the CULS President to ask if they could borrow our keyboard. Apparently the next Act out on the main stage in the garden was having cabling issues!

This was of course absolutely no trouble and Jules went outside to set up the keyboard for the singer who was on stage without her keyboard and even managed to find some cables to wire it into the PA system. Always knew there had to be some advantage to having been a sound engineer!

So whilst the next act was performing on the main stage, we braved the rain and, at the invitation of the CULS President, went to find ourself some food and drink from some of the many enticing places in the gardens of Barrington Hall. Whilst the weather wasn’t ideal, of course in true stiff upper lip British style, the show very much went on!

Cambridge University Law Society

The Cambridge University Law Society is one of the oldest (founded 1901) and largest student run societies in the University of Cambridge, the country and indeed the world. With thousands of members globally, their aims are manifold and enterprises diverse.

On the academic front, the Society publishes a termly magazine, Per Incuriam, which encourages students to contribute articles about the most pertinent issues in the world today. These articles discuss all aspects of Law through the prism of thought-engaging topics. The magazine also includes a ‘Tripos’ section for first-class essays, and articles from illustrious individuals in the legal world.

JAM Duo Available for Corporate and University Events

Jules and Anne-Marie absolutely loved being part of the 2021 CULS Garden Party at Barrington Hall. As well as playing for weddings, we also get asked to perform for a lot of Corporate events. This includes Army Formal Dinners, University Balls and Parties as well as Corporate Functions and Birthday parties.

Jules and Anne-Marie – JAM Duo

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