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As well as weddings, JAM Duo get involved in an ever increasing number of Corporate events all over the UK. Today this took us to a rather stylish corner of Mayfair just near to Berkeley Square. The venue was The Chesterfield which is a quintessential English Hotel in the heart of London.

The Event

O-Lifestyle Corporate Event
The Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair
Monday 28 November 2022

The only downside to the venue is that there was no parking directly at the venue. But no matter, we sourced a space at the nearby Hilton Hotel which has an underground carpark. This meant just a short walk over to The Chesterfield. Of course we had to carry our instruments which wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, with some careful repacking to get as much of our accessories into one case as possible we managed to do this in one trip.

The Event

Up on the second floor we found the venue for today’s corporate event with Asha Ustuner of Allgrandeur Life Assets and O-Lifestyle. Our brief was to provide quiet but stylish music in the background whilst they met with various clients and partners.

As the room wasn’t that big our electric (silent) cello was ideal for this as it can actually be played without amplification to be quieter than a normal acoustic (wooden) cello. This was perfect for this situation and meant we could play at exactly the right volume in order to be heard but in no way intrusive.

The Client

O is the culmination of decades of engagement in the luxury hotel, hospitality, branded residences and private aviation arenas by a wide reaching network of seasoned professionals from diverse but specific areas of industry.

Having engaged successful hospitality enterprises in twenty countries over thirty years, the O development, operations and marketing teams on both sides of the Atlantic are dedicated to manifesting unique but optimal facilities and customer services.

O Lifestyle International SARL is a Luxembourg company with subsidiary and affiliated group companies in Europe (Athens, Greece) and Americas/Caribbean (Miami, Florida).


Dressed appropriately for such a lavish Corporate event, we went for evening wear at the request of our client.

Jules and Anne-Marie are often booked for stylish corporate events such as this and we are perfect when you require background music for a lavish event. Our music can be upbeat or slow jazz at any volume to suit the occasion and ambience. Whether you want something to create a strong presence or just quiet background music, JAM Duo can adapt accordingly.

To find out more and book JAM Duo for your Corporate event please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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