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Yesterday we travelled up to Warwickshire as we had been booked to play for an 80th birthday party for an absolutely lovely couple in Warwickshire.

On arrival we were delighted to find a sign on the garage door which said the space had been reserved for the musicians. You know you’ve finally made it in life when you have your own parking space!

Arriving in good time, we set up in the lounge. We had been booked to play for around 90 minutes for an 80th birthday party. With the venue being in someone’s private home I’m afraid it wasn’t appropriate to take pictures but we had a lovely time and they were extremely welcoming.

Comments from family members were extremely positive and they loved our blend of upbeat and yet relaxing music which really created a great atmosphere for the party.

Here is a picture of us just getting ready and setting up to play.

As the customer had a rather splendid Yamaha Clavinova, this saved us, once again, from unpacking our own digital piano. We always bring our own instruments as a matter of course, even if we know in advance there is a piano at the venue. Until you arrive and have seen / played said instrument there is no telling whether it will actually be appropriate.

So far we never yet arrived at a venue to find a spare cello knocking around!!

After our set we were treated to some lovely birthday cake before making our way back down to our home in the Cotswolds. Moments after leaving we had some great feedback saying they would love to book us again just to sit and listen to our music!

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