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Todays wedding started in the Church of St Chad near Crewe. This is a delightful building and had plenty of space for us to set up both as Duo and for Jules to play the organ.

The Wedding

Angeli and Tom
Crewe Hall
27 May 2022

We had stayed over in Warrington so only had a short journey to the church in the morning.

Cello, Piano and Organ

As well as being one half of our Cello and Piano Duo, Jules is also a Cathedral standard Organist and has played for services at numerous churches and cathedrals throughout the UK and Europe.

Today, Jules got the play the organ for Angeli and Tom’s wedding which included the Organ Fantasy in F by Mozart.

Church Organ

With apologies, Jules wanted to included the picture of the church organ….!

After the church ceremony, we moved a few miles down the road to Crewe Hall for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast.

Wedding Reception at Crewe Hall

Once we had arrived at Crewe Hall, we had to unload and set up our piano shell – ideally before the arrival of the bride and groom. Luckily we are quite adapt at this now and can often be set up in around 10 minutes.

Crewe Hall
Crewe Hall

We set up in the grand surroundings of Crewe Hall and provided background music as the wedding guests enjoyed canapés and champagne.

After an hour or so we thought it probably useful to establish where the wedding breakfast was being held as we would need to relocate again. It turned out this was on the top floor of the rather fine building. This isn’t really an issue for us but we were slightly disappointed when our piano shell was about an inch to long to fit in the lift.

Fortunately a member of hotel staff was passing right and that moment and asked if we wanted help carrying the piano shell. Fortunate for Anne-Marie that is, probably less so for him when Jules announced yes this now has to go up four flights of stairs!

Jules and AM
Jules and Anne-Marie

Moments later we had the piano shell (and the rest of our equipment) installed on the top floor ready for the wedding breakfast.


We carried on playing throughout the wedding breakfast, after which we were ourselves kindly provided with a meal from the couple. Not only that they also gave us two very lovely cakes as a thank you.

Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cakes

We really enjoyed today’s wedding at Crewe Hall. If you are getting married in Crewe or indeed anywhere else in the UK then JAM Duo would love to be part of your wedding. We can provide music from ceremony through to First Dance and into the evening with our electric cello. To find out more please do get in touch via our contact form.

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