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Today was an early start as we had opted not to stay overnight near Riding Mill. Fortunately the 5 hour trip from our home in the Cotswolds was uneventful and we arrived in good time at Riding Mill in Northumberland.

Riding Mill
Riding Mill Wedding Venue

The Wedding

Kate and Darren
Riding Mill, Northumberland
26 May 2022

On arrival the weather didnt look that great, but fortunately before too much longer the sun came out – right in time for the arrival of the groom!

The arrival of Darren, the groom

Today we were using our fabulous gloss black piano shell combined with our Yamaha Electric cello and Bose Speaker. This is probably our most popular setup. You benefit from the beautiful tone of the cello and piano but with enough flexibility to be played inside or outside at exactly the correct volume.

The venue had quite strict rules on acoustic versus amplified music with the regulation that no amplified music was allowed outside. However, it was allowed inside with the door open! So we decided this made more sense and would also mean we would actually be heard better (and indeed louder) but without breaking any rules!

Jules and Anne-Marie

We started by setting up for the ceremony and fortunately we able to stay in the same position for the drinks reception just with the benefit of the open door onto the courtyard. By this point the sun had come out and everyone had decided to go outside!

It was at this point that Jules decided to get a picture with Oscar (the dog) who had earlier had the extremely important role of being the ring bearer. Perhaps the Best Man couldn’t be trusted?!

We had a lovely day in Northumberland at Kate and Darrens Wedding and we wish them both every happiness with their future married life together.

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

If you are getting married at Riding Mill in Northumberland or indeed anywhere else in the UK then Jules and Anne-Marie would love to provide music for your special day. To find out more please browse our website or get in touch via our contact form.

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