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JAM Duo are not just wedding musicians. True, yes we do play for a lot of weddings. This year alone we have performed for over 120 weddings so far with plenty still to do throughout the last few months of this year.

As well as that, we also get asked to provide music for Parties as well as Corporate events and Product Launches.

Why Do You Need Music?

The simple answer is when do you ever find yourself at a party without music? Music at parties and events is pretty much now seen as essential as providing a drink! Background music helps people to relax which in turn means they will be more comfortable chatting to others.

I suppose you could say music avoids the ‘awkward silence’ moments. If you can’t think of something to say then you could just listen to or comment on the music!

So if we are agreed that music is a vital ingredient to a successful party or event the next question is why do you need live musicians?

Live Music vs Apple Music / Spotify Playlists

You might well think that the easiest solution to having music at your party is to just make a playlist in your music streaming service of choice and let it play in the background. Plenty of people do this, even for weddings. We have often been to weddings where we are playing for the ceremony and drinks reception and then the couple choose to ‘replace’ us with a playlist for the meal. This is on the basis ‘No one is really listening’.

That’s of course personal choice and fair enough. However, it is surprising how the atmosphere totally changes when we pack up and the venue just sticks something on over the speakers.

And this is the thing with parties. Yes it’s very easy to create a playlist and failing that Apple Music (and probably Spotify too) has plenty of pre made playlists for you to choose from. However, is that really suitable for your occasion?

There are two things which live musicians can bring to your event over a pre made playlist.

Create an Impression

This counts for much more than you might think. If you have live musicians then they can’t help but be noticed. Now that’s not to say that we are all diva’s. JAM Duo certainly aren’t and in many ways we do like to blend in. However, with our Piano Shell and Electric Cello people do take a lot of interest in both the instruments as the music we are playing.

This gives your party a focus and you will find that people are much more likely to engage with the music when they can see it being performed.

Choose the Right music

As above we all know just how easy it is to find a playlist online. But does that really work for your party. As professional musicians, JAM Duo can often adapt the music to suit the guests. This doesn’t mean we know what people are thinking or have special powers to see inside their minds to their musical taste. But we can see when people start tapping along to certain songs and we often take requests.

This gives us a good idea of what your guests like and sometimes what they don’t. With over 10,000 songs in our music library on our iPads we can pretty much guarantee we have something for everyone.

JAM Duo at Your Party

At the time of writing (October 2022) we currently have a few dates still available for Private Parties and Events (or indeed weddings!). JAM Duo are the ideal accompaniment to a Cocktail Party, a pre event drinks reception, product launches, Christmas Drinks and Dinner Parties as well as private parties.

With our Yamaha Electric Cello and Nord Stage Piano we can either be discreet and in the background or fully amplified and more upbeat. Sometimes a mix of both. Again this is where having professional musicians means we can judge the mood of your party and adapt as necessary.

If you would like to find out more then do please get in touch via our contact page.

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