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Last week, Jules and Anne-Marie were both in Oxford. Unusually, this wasn’t a JAM Duo event but in fact a solo piano gig for Jules. Originally we had planned to take the cello – as we often do even when the client only asks for piano, but on this occasion we were advised there simply wasn’t enough space.

Actually when we arrived there probably could have been room for the cello, but that’s ok the client asked for piano and so Jules happily obliged.

The occasion was a Christmas party being held by First Light Fusion. Described as the University of Oxford fusion spin-out, and based locally, this explains the venue for their Christmas event. I won’t even try to explain what they do – suffice to say there were definitely some very clever scientists in the room with us on this occasion!

The brief was for music to be played during a pre dinner drinks reception. This was being held in the Masters Lodge at Baliol College Oxford. There was a lovely Yamaha Grand Piano in the room, and this being the University of Oxford, it was of course in full working order and perfectly in tune.

Jules Addison

The video above shows a short snippet of Jules improvising around the theme of Mack the Knife.

The drinks reception lasted around an hour during which time Jules played a selection of jazz classics and songs from the early to mid twentieth century. On these occasions the key is to maintain interest by playing songs which people will know but without being overpowering. The music needs to be familiar but nevertheless in the background whilst people drink and chat.

If you would like to talk to Jules about providing music for your drinks reception then please do get in touch via our contact page.

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