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Music before the Ceremony as Guests arrive

Before your wedding ceremony, JAM Duo will play for around 15-20 minutes in your ceremony room / space as your guests arrive and are seated. This creates a relaxing atmosphere and makes your wedding guests feel welcome, whilst setting the mood for your special day.

For non church weddings, guests will usually be seated around 15 minutes before the ceremony start time. In a lot of cases, whilst we will have set up earlier, we are unable to play music for much longer than this as the registrars will usually conduct the Groom’s interview in the ceremony room and often ask for the room to be vacated for this purpose.

You can either leave the choice of music to us or you can give us a list of around 5-6 songs which you would like us to perform.

Classical and traditional wedding music often works best at this point, particularly if it is a church wedding. If we are also playing at your reception it is nice to have a contrast between traditional and more contemporary music. But the choice is entirely yours. If you want something by Iron Maiden or the Jurassic Park Theme tune that’s perfectly fine with us!

Entrance of the Bride

Typically one piece of music is usually chosen for the entrance of the bride. This is a very personal choice, and it can be traditional or modern. Popular pieces for bridal entrances are Pachelbel’s Canon, the traditional Wagner Bridal march (‘here comes the bride’) or anything of your choosing – Taylor Swift is equally popular. Something with a steady beat that you can walk to works best.

You can find more inspiration on our Listen Page, but here are some songs which are popular for your Bridal Entrance (walk down the aisle).

More than One Song for the Bridal Entrance?

One of the advantages of having live professional musicians is that we can blend two or more songs together. This is increasingly popular for the Bridal Party Entrance whereby you have one song for the entrance of your Bridesmaids which is seamlessly blended into a second song for the entrance of the Bride. Below are some examples – however don’t worry about the timings, we will play more or less of each song in order to time everything to perfection on the day. We can blend any songs together regardless of key, tempo or complexity!

Signing the Register

Signing the register usually takes around 5-10 minutes so we would advise choosing 2 or 3 of your favourite songs to play here. As well as signing the register this is often a good opportunity for your photographer to get some photographs of you with your witnesses and/or family members.

Some relaxing music here works best to keep your guests entertained before you make your grand exit as newly weds. You can either choose songs from our playlists, or you can tell us your favourite song – it doesn’t matter if it’s not on our listen page – we can play anything.

Alternatively you can simply let us decide on some songs to suit or just tell us your favourite band, artist or style and we will find something for you.

Wedding Couple
Signing the Register

Exit of the Bride and Groom

One fairly upbeat piece works best here. Something to herald the arrival of you both as a newly married couple.

Organist for Church Weddings

Sometimes we are asked to play for a church ceremony which may then lead on to a reception and meal elsewhere. This is absolutely fine and we can perform perfectly well as a duo in a church setting as well as anywhere else. There will be a small relocation charge, please contact us for details.

However, we have the added bonus that Jules is also a professional organist who has played in Cathedrals across the UK such as Canterbury, York Minster, Durham, Coventry and Hereford to name but a few. Whether you just want the organ for hymns or you fancy walking out to a rousing version of Widor’s Toccata, Jules will be able to play anything of your choice.

Jules Addison – Organ in Coventry Cathedral

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Please note that at certain peak times during the year and for weddings in Scotland we may ask for a minimum booking of Option 2

Thank you again you were amazing xx

Lucy Butcher, Bride (May 2022)
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