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Getting the music right for your wedding is extremely important. Starting with the entrance of the bride, selecting the correct song is almost as important as picking the right dress. Ok, so maybe not quite that important! But, we have spoken to hundreds of brides over the years and the ‘aisle song’ as it’s sometimes known, is a very big deal.

Most musicians ask their wedding couples to choose from a list of songs or pieces which is published on their website. This usually falls under the heading of repertoire list or something similar.

JAM Duo take a different approach. Yes we have a listen page which has approximately 150 songs on it and counting. But this is not our ‘repertoire’. On the contrary these are just recordings we have made to give you inspiration when choosing your wedding music.

As we have recorded some of the more popular songs, a lot of wedding couples do tend to pick from this ‘list’. But the point to note, is that our listen page, and the songs thereon, are by no means our complete repertoire list.

Arranging Music for Cello and Piano

Jules and Anne-Marie are both professional musicians. We have studied music and both have post graduate qualifications. As such we can play anything and we can easily arrange any song for Cello and Piano.

Of course, there are a few songs or pieces which don’t translate that well to the cello. Rap Music for example! Nevertheless pretty much anything works on the piano in some form or other and the cello has the added advantage it can also pluck a bass line in addition to being played with the bow! So far we have never yet come across a song which absolutely doesn’t work on the cello! We can always find an interesting and innovative way of playing even the most challenging music.

Choosing Music for Your Wedding

JAM Duo believe that if you are employing ‘live musicians’ at your wedding or event then they should be talented enough and indeed flexible enough to adapt to your musical taste. Not only can we play any music of your choice, but we can also adapt songs to suit different situations.

Blending Songs for the Bridal Entrance #Mashup

We are often asked to play a couple of different songs for the Entrance of the Bride. Usually the request is for one song whilst the bridesmaids enter and then a different song for the entrance of the bride.

However, of course the bridal party is a seamless procession with the bride following her bridesmaids. JAM Duo can take any two songs and seamlessly blend them together at precisely the correct moment so that your bridesmaids have one song to enter and then the bride has her own song which will start exactly at the point she walks in.

There is no need to rehearse this or have a specific set of timings. JAM Duo will do this all on sight on the day and no matter whether you have 1 or 10 bridesmaids the music will change at precisely the moment the bride is ready to enter. Here is an example based on two very popular songs for the Bridal entrance. Can’t Help falling in Love for the Bridesmaids, seamlessly blended with Canon in D.

This cannot be easily done using a Spotify playlist nor is it usually possible for a String Quartet to do this as they will have to follow fixed arrangements.

If you would like to talk to JAM Duo about music for your wedding then do please get in touch via our contact page where you can email, WhatsApp or phone us depending on what is easiest for you.

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