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Westonbirt School has the advantage of being the nearest wedding venue to our home! So for once we weren’t leaving either at the crack of dawn or having to book a hotel and travel to a remote part of the UK the night before! So much so that to arrive for 12.45pm meant leaving home at 12.42pm! The only ‘down side’ if you can call it that was not having much of a break between loading all our gear into the car and the unloading it again!

The Wedding

Caroline and Paul
Westonbirt School
2 April 2022

Upon arrival at Westonbirt we were met by Camilla. Along with David she was one of the wedding co-ordinators for the day and quickly showed us to the library where the ceremony was taking place.

Westonbirt Library
Ceremony room at Westonbirt School

Today we were setting up with our piano shell. Amusingly when I told one of the wedding co-ordinators we were bringing our own piano and yes it looks just like a grand piano she thought I was joking. I wasn’t…! The piano shell may not be the easiest thing to carry around but it really does enhance the look of our duo and fitted in very well with the beautiful surroundings of Westonbirt School.

Cello and Piano Duo
JAM Duo at Westonbirt School

Before the ceremony as guests arrived we played ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Dire Straits. The groom and his groomsmen were looking splendid in a green and red tartan.

For the arrival of the bride and her 4 bridesmaids we played ‘Songbird’. The ceremony then proceeded with a couple of readings by the bridesmaids and before long we had arrived at the signing of the register. Here we played more Queen – this time ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ by Freddie Mercury.

The ceremony concluded and the newly weds left the ceremony room to the sound of ‘Everlasting Love’ arranged for Cello and Piano. Most of the songs we have already recorded so if you want to hear our arrangements then please head on over to our listen page where you will find around 150 tracks.

JAM Duo with Paul and Caroline at Westonbirt School

Wedding Drinks Reception

The drinks reception was taking place in the adjacent room. There was an option of going outside. However the rather chilly spring weather made this a less appealing option and after the ‘line up’ everyone came back indoors for a glass of champagne!

Drinks Reception
JAM Duo playing for a drinks reception at Westonbirt School

We carried on playing without a break until the announcement of the Father of the Bride’s speech which was to take place just before everyone made there way into the grand hall at Westonbirt for the wedding breakfast.

We took this as our cue to bring our set to an end. Fortunately we could discreetly exit via a side entrance without getting in the way of any speeches.

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

Regardless of location in the UK, JAM Duo do not currently charge for travel. We really enjoyed playing for Caroline and Paul’s wedding at Westonbirt School and would love to play for your wedding. To find out more please browse our website or just head on over to the contact form, where you will find a variety of ways to interact with us.

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