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Brinsop Court is A unique and award-winning event and wedding venue in Herefordshire. Today, JAM Duo had the privilege of playing here for Chloe and Ryan’s wedding.

The Wedding

Chloe and Ryan
Brinsop Court, Herefordshire
22 April 2022

Bride and Groom
JAM Duo with Chloe and Ryan

Upon arrival at Brinsop Court we were greeted at the door by some very friendly and helpful staff who directed us to the library for the wedding ceremony.

Brinsop Court
The Library

The wedding was a small intimate affair with the ceremony taking place in the beautiful library at Brinsop Court in Hereford.

Our brief today was to play for the wedding ceremony and the drinks reception.

Brinsop Court is a stunning 14th Century manor house is encircled by a moat, a traditionally built oak barn and two idyllic cottages, all nestled within 800 acres of farmland and wonderfully preserved nature.

This made the perfect backdrop for Chloe and Ryan’s wedding.

Chloe and Ryan
Chloe and Ryan

Chloe was looking stunning in her wedding dress, and was very eager to get on with getting married! It was a genuinely lovely ceremony and you could see just how much love there was between these two.

We also particularly liked Ryan’s green shoes which co-ordinated perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses.

green shoes
Chloe and Ryan

Wedding Drinks Reception

After the ceremony we headed downstairs to a delightful lounge area for the drinks reception. Anne-Marie was particularly pleased when she was offered a French Martini and Jules was equally delighted with a piece of lemon cake.

Anne Marie Humphries
Anne-Marie – JAM Duo Cellist

Setting up in the corner of the lounge, we kept everything acoustic today. There was a piano at the venue but it wasn’t entirely in tune with itself so we decided to stick with our digital option. That said Brinsop Court is an absolutely fantastic venue and quite possibly the most welcoming place we have ever been to.

Anne-Marie Humphries
Anne-Marie – Drinks Reception

JAM Duo – Award Winning Cello and Piano Duo

Based in the UK, JAM Duo travel all over to play for weddings and events. We would absolutely love to be part of your special day whether that’s at Brinsop Court or elsewhere. You can find out more by browsing our website. If you would like to hear us playing then please head over to our listen page where there are now 150 tracks.

If you would like to find out more about JAM Duo playing at your wedding then please get in touch via our contact page.

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