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Yes that’s right, this wedding was over two (or possibly more days). But there were certainly 2 days which we were involved in to provide music for Daniel and Raisa’s wedding celebrations.

The Wedding

Daniel and Raisa
Marigold Hotel and Birmingham Botanical Gardens
17 and 19 June 2022

Part 1 – The Marigold Hotel in Birmingham

On Friday 17 June we made our way to the Marigold Hotel in Birmingham for the first part of Daniel and Raisa’s wedding. This involved providing music whilst their guests gathered for a drinks reception and evening meal.

We knew on arrival this was clearly going to be a somewhat stylish occasion….

Stylish Wedding Car

It’s fair to say that Jules had a little bit of car envy – but let’s face it you wouldn’t even fit a cello in there let alone our piano shell!

Our brief for today was fairly straightforward – we were to provide a mixture of popular and Bollywood songs for around an hour as guests mingled and found their seats for a dinner. Luckily we were able to park nearby and so it took around 15 minutes to get all our instruments and our piano shell into the venue and set up ready to play.

Jules and Anne-Marie
Jules and Anne-Marie

Part 2 – Birmingham Botanical Gardens 19 June 2022

Two days later, and following our trip to Notting Hill to play for Alice and Glenn, we were back in Birmingham to provide more music for Daniel and Raisa.

Today we were playing for their traditional UK ceremony which was being held in the Botanical Gardens just on the edge of Birmingham.

Wedding Ceremony

Once again setting up with our Piano Shell, we were lucky enough to park right next to the entrance to the area where the ceremony was being held. This meant that it was work of moments to get everything inside and set up. This gave us time to tune the cello and then pop next door to the cafe to get a coffee before guests started arriving for the ceremony.

Anne-Marie Humhpries

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

Regardless of where you are getting married or indeed whether it’s over one or more days, JAM Duo would love to be a part of your special day. We have been involved in all sorts of weddings from traditional church ceremonies through to barn weddings, civil ceremonies and woodland hand fasting ceremonies. No matter what your special day looks like we can tailor the music to be as unique as you.

We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch via our contact page.

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