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Today we made the journey to London, and more specifically to Notting Hill where we had been booked to play for the wedding of Alice and Glenn in All Saints Church.

The Wedding

Alice and Glenn
All Saints Church, Notting Hill, London
18 June 2022

All Saints Church.
All Saints Notting Hill

One of the first challenges with a wedding in central London, or indeed any busy part of London is where one is to park. Fortunately when we arrived at All Saints in Notting Hill, the vicar was extremely helpful and allowed us to park on a bit of pavement to the side of the church which was behind a padlocked barrier.

There was a slight risk we could be blocked in but this was a calculated risk worth taking. The most important thing was we had nearby parking to the church (about as near as you could get) and this enabled us to do the wedding without having to think about parking charges or time limits!

The church had been beautifully decorated for the occasion with outstanding floral arrangements. Our job was to provide beautiful music to match such elegant surroundings!

Playing Hymns for Weddings

A few moments prior to the service Jules noticed that looking through the order of service there were 3 hymns which featured. However, no one appeared to be sat at the organ. A hastily beckoned member of clergy then informed us that the hymns were being accompanied on the keyboard!

Luckily Jules is an accomplished organist who has played for services in a number of Cathedrals and Parish Churches for the past 30 years or more. And so, with no fuss, all the hymns were played on the piano from memory and the service continued as expected!

Exploring Notting Hill

No trip to Notting Hill would be complete without a little time spent in the now iconic part of London (thanks to the film of the same name). And so after the wedding, Jules and Anne-Marie took some time out to explore Notting Hill. By happy co-incidence the first place we stumbled across was the famous Gin Distillery. Well it would have been rude not to sample some local gin…..

Notting Hill Gin
Jules and Anne-Marie

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

If you would like to discuss music for your wedding in London, Notting Hill or anywhere else in the UK then do please get in touch via our contact form.

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