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Finding the right musician for your wedding can be a complete minefield. We should know; as well as our own little corner of the Internet here, JAM Duo is also advertised and promoted on a number of agency websites.

We therefore realise and respect the fact that as a potential wedding couple you have a lot of choice.

Today we wanted to talk about pianists at weddings. Obviously it doesn’t take much glancing around our website to realise that the piano is only one half of our duo! But nevertheless, sometimes that’s all people require. Or is it?

Wedding Pianist

Often, even when we are booked as a duo, in order to mix things up a bit, Jules will sometimes just play a few songs on the piano. Usually in the style of cocktail / lounge music. This is particularly good during your wedding breakfast and is the ideal background music.

Jules Addison
Jules Addison

As you can see from the picture above we also have a beautiful gloss black piano shell which really enhances the look of our digital piano. The whole point of the piano shell is to give you the aesthetically fabulous look of a grand piano but with all the benefits of a high end digital piano coupled with a professional Bose speaker system.

This means our piano can look and sound fabulous in any venue. As we also carry our own portable power supply the piano can be played anywhere indoors or outdoors regardless of whether or not there is a nearby source of electricity.

Jules Addison
Music during the wedding breakfast

Piano or JAM Duo

Of course the biggest advantage that we have is that JAM is not all about the piano. As well as a professional pianist you also get a professional cellist in the form of Anne-Marie. Our policy as a duo is to never bring in extra musicians. JAM Duo is only ever Jules and Anne-Marie – otherwise the JAM bit wouldn’t work!

This gives you the gaurantee of who and indeed what you are booking and the knowledge that we will sound as good live (if not better we hope!) than our many samples on our listen page.

Jules Addison
Jules Addison – Pianist

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