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Hodsock Priory is an English country house in Hodsock, Nottinghamshire, 4 miles north of Worksop, England, and 1 mile south of Blyth. Despite its name, it is not and never has been a priory. Hodsock is renowned for its snowdrops in early spring. It is also a venue for special events and weddings.

The Wedding

Tania and Daniel
Hodsock Priory, Nottinghamshire
Thursday 2 March 2023

The Ceremony

Today was a Celebrant lead Ceremony and was conducted by the fabulous Sheffield based celebrant Helen Jubb. You can find out more about Helen by visiting her website.

The ceremony started with Tania’s entrance to our rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’. As Tania came in following her bridesmaids, there appeared to be a short pause at the back of the room. At this point Helen was then seen walking down the aisle. A few moments later Tania carried on walking in.

Meanwhile we kept playing – ultimately even if the song runs out we can improvise and extend as necessary almost indefinitely so no bride ever needs to worry about the music. Nevertheless I was curious as to what happened so did speak to Helen afterwards. It turned out the bride’s parents had wandered off at the critical point then were meant to be walking her down the aisle! I think it turned into a case of everyone looking for everyone else and going round in circles. Nevertheless, parents were found and everything proceeded without a hitch!

Conveniently there was a nice space in an alcove just to the right of the main ceremony area where we could set up our instruments. Not only did this keep us out the way but also gave us a great view of Tania and Dan’s ceremony.

Drinks Reception

Following the ceremony we moved to an adjacent room to continue providing music through the drinks reception.

Tania had chosen some great songs for the drinks reception including Wildest Dream from Bridgerton by Taylor Swift, Wonderwall by Oasis and Stand by Me by Ben E King.

There was definitely a Bridgerton theme to this wedding as the couple ceremony exit was the main theme and we also played Strange during the drinks. You can hear us playing a lot of these songs by visiting our listen page where there are now over 200 tracks to choose from.

We had a lovely time providing music for Tania and Dan’s wedding day and we wish them every happiness in their future married life together.

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