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Quite simply, you need music at your wedding. From the moment your guests are being seated for the ceremony, throughout the day and into the evening.

Most couples when thinking about music for their wedding think about two key moments. The bride usually thinks about her entrance into the cermeony and the groom will think about the evening party. Yes, ok, so that’s a little stereotypical, but probably not far off the mark.

They’re both correct as these are two key points during your wedding where you will need music. But what about the rest of the day?

Let’s start by having a look at the points during the day when you can have music at your wedding.

Usually the beginning of most wedding celebrations, the wedding ceremony is a key moment where you will need music of some sort. From the arrival of the bride to the signing of the register and the exit of the couple.

When you choose JAM Duo to provide music at your wedding ceremony we will usually start playing around 15-20 minutes before the ceremony starts whilst your guests are seated. Not only does this create a fantastic atmosphere but it also signals to the guests that something special is about to happen.

There is nothing worse than walking into a silent room. Having some beautiful music playing as your guests gather sets the mood and expectation.

There are several key points during the ceremony where music plays an important role.

Entrance of the Bride
Signing of the Register
Exit of the newly married couple

You can read more about this by visiting our wedding ceremony page.

After your ceremony there will usually be a drinks reception which lasts between ninety minutes and two hours. During this time the bride and groom will be taken off for photographs around their chosen venue and there will also be group photos.

Music is a great way of keeping your guests entertained during this time. Not only does background music help people to relax but it also enables better conversations as no one feels the need to fill an awkward silence. This is particularly useful if you have a number of guests who don’t know each other.

After the drinks reception is traditionally the time for your wedding breakfast / meal. Background music during this time is essential. When you book JAM Duo we can offer you a choice of piano and cello or some lovely cocktail piano / jazz which is ideal for this part of the day.

After the meal there is traditionally a cake cutting which is followed by your first dance. This is clearly a moment when music plays a very important role. And what could be better than a bespoke arrangement of your favourite song for Cello and Piano. JAM Duo often provide music for couples’ first dance which then leads nicely into the DJ for the evening entertainment.

During the evening most couples will have either a DJ or a live band to provide entertainment and get the guests up and dancing.

So yes as you can see music is something which can thread through your entire day. Music provides a talking point for the guests. It deletes any awkward silences and creates a stylish atmosphere to further enhance your special day.

If you would like to talk to JAM Duo about providing music for your wedding day then please do get in touch which you can do via our contact form or via WhatsApp.

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