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JAM DuoPiano

A Short Piano Improvisation at Bredenbury Court Barns

Jules Addison – Wedding Pianist – plays ‘Wonderful World’ on a Nord Stage Piano Below is a short video of Jules playing a short improvisation based around ‘Wonderful World’ prior …

Nord 3Piano

The Evolution of the Piano: From the 18th Century to the Digital Age

The piano, a versatile and expressive musical instrument, has undergone a fascinating evolution since its inception in the early 18th century. Its development reflects the ingenuity of instrument makers, the …

Grand PianoPiano

Tuning a Piano: An In-Depth Guide to Achieving Perfect Harmony

Pianos, with their beautiful and complex mechanism, are not just instruments; they are a true masterpiece of engineering and artistry. Yet, to bring out the best in a piano, regular …

JAM DuoWedding Portfolio Weddings

Wedding Musicians at Elmore Court for Sam-Marie and Ben

This was our second visit to Elmore Court, and the first wedding we have played here when everything was held inside. That said, it will probably only be another month …

Anne-MarieWedding Music

Some thoughts on Pianos at Your Wedding Venue

It’s well documented around our website that JAM Duo always bring their own instruments. Anne-Marie has the option of both an acoustic or electric cello, whilst Jules has a Nord …

JAM DuoClassical Duo

Booking Musicians for Your Wedding – Cello and Piano Duo

Benjamin Franklin once said that “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” There’s truth to that statement. After all, the busier we are, the better we manage our time. …

bench landscape sky waterGloucestershire / Glos Wedding Cellist Weddings

Acoustic Duo in Glos and Cotswolds

One of the most popular groups requested for a wedding ceremony or drinks reception is an ‘acoustic duo’. However, the term is potentially extremely wide ranging and one wonders just …

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