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JAM Duo travel all over the UK to play for weddings. On this occasion we were in Cheshire to play for a lovely wedding at the Abbeymead Estate just outside Delamere.

The Wedding of Nick and Kath
Abbeywood Estate, Delamere, Cheshire
Sunday 7 December 2021
Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast

Daytime Wedding Music

Our brief today was to play during the wedding drinks reception followed by the meal. Nick and Kath were married at a nearby local church for which, on this occasion, we were not providing music.

It’s quite unusual for us not to be playing for the ceremony if we are playing at a drinks reception. However, as the ceremony was at a different location this perhaps explains the requirement for different music in the church.

On arrival we met with the owner of Abbeywood Estate who showed us into essentially what is his private home. This was to be the location for the wedding drinks reception.

Anne-Marie Humphries – JAM Duo Cellist

We were invited to set up in the bay window as the drinks reception was mostly indoors, save for some photographs which were out in the grounds. Once we had set up for the drinks, we also then prepared some amplication for the wedding breakfast which was in a separate space. Whilst it doesn’t take us too long to relocate, any prep work we can do to save time is always a good idea.

Whilst we were waiting for the guests to arrive for the drinks reception, we were entertained by the owners cat. This turned out to be a rather splendid example of a Maine coon.

Meet the Abbeywood Estate cat

As the guests arrived and were given champagne we started to play from our contemporary playlist. If you would like to hear some examples of our music then please head on over to our listen page.

The Drinks reception was around 90 minutes and the guests seemed to enjoy our selection of music whilst they were partaking of canapés. Once the guests were invited outside for a group photograph around 4.30pm we took this as our cue to relocate for our performance during the wedding breakfast.

Music for the Wedding Breakfast

It took us about 10 minutes to relocate from the main house to the Conservatory / Glass House which was the location for the wedding breakfast.

In a bigger space and with us setting up in one corner, we did put in some discrete amplification to boost the sound of the cello. We do this using a little wireless mic attached directly to the instrument which is the least intrusive way of mic’ing up a cello. It also looks tidy too.

Anne-Marie was particularly jealous of the cheeseboard – although we were given a meal after our performance which was very welcome before the long drive back to the Cotswolds.

JAM Duo – Daytime Music for Your Wedding

If you are looking for musicians to play during the day for your wedding then JAM Duo are an ideal choice. The blend of cello and piano is extremely well suited for:

Wedding Ceremony
Drinks Reception
Wedding Breakfast / Meal
FIrst Dance

To find out more please browse our website or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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